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Scale on line graph

Scale on line graph

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I have two line graphs produced, from this data:
I want the Y-Axis to show the scale of 0-5 just like what I have done on the
first column. BUT it shows scale of 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5

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Add series to line graph

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Is there any way to avoid the following:
When I add a series to a line graph which has an appropriate scale for the y axis, the scale changes as soon as I click on 'Add Series'. The Values box
populates with ={1} which forces the minimum value on the y axis down to zero. Even after I replace the ={1} with the data range for values, the scale remains at the now inappropriate scale with too low of a minimum value, forcing me to go and make adjustment values to the axis scale. I have lots of graphing to do and find this irritating and time consuming.

Excel Graphing - combining line graph with stacked bar

Free: Yes
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I have created a 3D graph with a stacked bar to present sales by product line. I would like to add a line graph to this graph for the cost of media buy to show its relationship to sales.
Is there a way to change the graph type for just one column of the data?
If so, is there a way to use the left side of the graph for the sales dollar scale and the right side for the advertising dollar scale?

How do I change the scale of part of an axis in a graph on Excel?

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I have a graph that needs to use a large scale up the top, but down the bottom I was wondering if I could 'squash' the scale. I think it's possible
to do this in another application (Data studio) where it inserts a 'squiggly line' between parts of the scale it collapses/squashes.
This is in Excel 2003.

Y scale for P. ie when P$= 2, QD=10 & QS=3 P needs to be Y scale

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I am trying to create a graph the compares Quantity Demanded and Supplied in relation to a particular price to find the equilibrium (intersection).
The problem is, I have no idea how to make one row the Y scale in my graph.
and the other two (QD and QS) the two line graphs which should intersect.
For example at a price $0, the QD is 11 units and the QS is 0. At a price $
4 the QD is 9 units and the QS is 3 units. So as price increases/decreases,
demand and supply changes!

bar graph: how do you insert a break in scale (squigglly line)?

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With a wide data range or one number that is much larger than others in a series, how can one insert a break in the scale, often represented by 2

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