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I am saving a spreadsheet where the date format was:
I needed to be YY-MM-DD
I did that using format/custom YY-MM-DD.
The problem is when I save as CSV ,close, open again, the format shows: mm/dd/yy
I used Edit plus, didn't save the comma delimited.

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Trying to save workbook in csv format

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm new at this csv thing.
When I save my workbook as csv, I get this ugly message. I choose Yes to change the format to leave out all of the EXCEL stuff. But, I go through a loop trying to save my file.
Could someone explain this?

CSV Problem

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a external organization that only takes files in a CSV format for uploading. I receive the data that is needed for the CSV file in Excel. But, before I can send it to the organization for uploading (in CSV format), I have to convert some of the columns to different formats.which the CSV will not save when I try to convert the Excel document to the CSV format.
Does anyone know, or have any suggestions, about how I can save specific formats (like custom number/text formats) when converting from an Excel file to a CSV file?

CSV error when trying to save

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm using Windows Vista X86 and Word 2007 and I'm trying to save a workbook
in the CSV file format. Everytime I save, it gives an error saying the file name.csv may contain features that are not compatible with CSV (Comma delimited). I was wondering if I would lose data or if data would be corrupted because of this?

auto save excell as csv file

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I am using visual basic 6 with excel automation. visual basic has created the spreadsheet for me and auto saves it, but its not in the correct format. I want to save it as a csv file. I tried saving as test.csv, but that just saves the xls file but names is .csv. I need it to actually save in this format. I can do it manually by going to file save as .csv. but I want visual basic to do this automatically when my code saves the file.

csv format changes numbers

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I need to save my file in a csv format. When the file is reopened, some of the numbers are in a date format and others are in exponential format. How can I format the number to keep the numbers from changing format. I have tried various formats before saint the file. In this instance, the numbers represent part numbers and the file is being imported into my business software to update pricing.

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Import csv data into mysql

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel Databases

This script is useful mainly if you dont have phpmyadmin, or you dont want the hassle of logging in and prefer a few clicks solution, or you simply are a command prompt guy.
This script will allow you to import csv data into your database. This comes handy because you can simply edit the appropriate fields, upload it along with the csv file and call it from the web and it will do the rest.
It allows you to specify the delimiter in this csv file, whether it is a coma, a tab etc. It also allows you to chose the line separator, allows you to save the output to a file (known as a data sql dump).

Csv to Xml Converter

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel File Conversion XML

Convert a csv file of any size to a xml document. The xml document format can be edited using settings in the class.

Website Translation Class Pro

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel CMS Google

This script can be used to make a multilingual websites. It has the unique feature of automatic translating untranslated strings with Google translator. If the translation is not 100% correct you can manually change the translation in
the CSV language file. You dont need to create the CSV files yourself because the script will automaticly detect witch strings are not in the CSV yet and create a line for these strings.
An advantage of using CSV files to save the translations in is that these files can be send to a translator whom can open these in Excel and start translating them.

fdf-Converter: PDF to CSV

Free: No
Tags: Software › Excel File Conversion PDF

df-Converter is a desktop application which creates CSV files from your PDF form data, and gives you and your company the ability to quickly turn your useless data into a data mine (like Excel, Access) of valuable information. How does that work? You simply have to select a FDF or PDF file or directory with unlimited numbers of FDF / PDF files and fdf-Converter will convert all of them to CSV file format. You want all data imported to a certain spreadsheet? No problem. With some few clicks you select an unlimited number of FDF / PDF files graphically and organize data import to one single file.
For you can call up fdf-Converter from other applications or via parameter passing you are able to process FDF / PDF files to different data formats in series - automatically!


Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel Backup MySQL

This class can be used to dump MySQL tables into compressed CSV files.
It can query the values of the records of the tables of a given MySQL table and generate CSV files with table contents. By default it dumps all database tables, but it can exclude a list of given tables.
The class can gather all dumped CSV files and compact them in a ZIP archive.

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