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rounding to the nearest .25

rounding to the nearest .25

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I am using a spreadsheet as a time card. I am using military time. At the end of the day I need it to round to the nearest quarter hour (.25, .50, .75 or.00) how do I accomplish this?

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Rounding to the nearest 5

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I have a long list of prices which I need to round to the nearest £5. What's the best way of doing this?

"Rounding" to nearest 5 cents

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Am trying to find a formula which will "round" a dollar/cents value to the nearest 5 cents. Have tried all the "rounding" formula I could find but can only get to the nearest 10 cents.
Reason for question is that in Australia our smallest denomination coin is 5 cent piece.

rounding to the nearest quarter cent

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the question was just asked to me about rounding the cell value (formatted in currency) to the nearest quarter cent, i.e. $8.16 > $8.25, $7.95 > $8.00.
can this be done?

Rounding Time to the nearest decimal of a second

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Im trying to figure out a formula to round my times in my spreadsheet to the nearest decimal. For example I have:
00:00:00.283 --> 00:00:00.30 (desired)
00:00:00.385 --> 00:00:00.40 (desired)
00:00:01.215 --> 00:00:01.20 (desired)
00:00:01.625 --> 00:00:01.60 (desired)
I know to round to the nearest second you'd use =ROUND(A1*(24*60*60,0)/(24*60*60)
with the 13:30:55 format. (I don't think this would display the decimal)

Rounding to nearest half hour

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Does anyone know how to create a formula that will round time values to the nearest half hour and show only one decimal place? For example.1.25 hours would round to 1.5 hours.

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