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"Rounding" to nearest 5 cents

"Rounding" to nearest 5 cents

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Am trying to find a formula which will "round" a dollar/cents value to the nearest 5 cents. Have tried all the "rounding" formula I could find but can only get to the nearest 10 cents.
Reason for question is that in Australia our smallest denomination coin is 5 cent piece.

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=CONCATENATE(B18*B19*B20)&" - "&B5

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Dots 1.0 is a neat visual effect based on "dots" that react to mouse movement by avoiding the mouse cursor. "Dots" can really be any movie clip you'd like to use. You can have as many or as few "dots" in your flash project as you like, and they can be dropped anywhere on the screen (they're arranged in a circle for the example file).
Editing Dots 1.0 is simple. All the important code is contained within the library item "Dot". "Dot" has a "Graphics" layer that can be edited freely to customize the look of your "Dots". "Dot" also contains an actions layer which contains all the code.
There are two "Dot" variations in this example ("Dot" and "Dot2" in the .fla's library). One uses a special effect (see OPTIONAL EFFECTS section inside the actionscript code), the other is simply a tiny white diamond with no effects.
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