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Rounding cents up

Rounding cents up

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I am having an issue with some rounding of numbers in Excel. I want the hundreds portion of a dollar amount to round to the nearest penny.I would do it manually but I have over 4,00 entires.
For example:
I want it to change to
The reason is because when I export the numbers into another program it look like $11.2
and $9.5 It won't show the 0's. Anyone have

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Am trying to find a formula which will "round" a dollar/cents value to the nearest 5 cents. Have tried all the "rounding" formula I could find but can only get to the nearest 10 cents.
Reason for question is that in Australia our smallest denomination coin is 5 cent piece.

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To round numbers, Access 2000 and later has a Round() function built in. Learn: how to round numbers in Microsoft Access: to the nearest number, rounding up, rounding down, to the nearest 5 cents, rounding dates and times, bankers rounding, and handling floating point errors.

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I take $10.25 *200%=$20.50, I would like to round the off cents to .95

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Currency Server was designed to be the most advanced currency-enabling component on the market. It provides exchange rate information and currency internationalization, conversion and rounding services via COM/ActiveX, .NET and SOAP Web services, and Ajax-style scripting. Currency Server supports more clients, more platforms, and a larger number of independent providers of exchange rate data than other tools.
By working locally rather than relying on remote servers for each transaction, Currency Server provides a unique level of performance, reliability and independence. The service is always available to satisfy thousands of information and conversion requests per second. Support for a variety of data providers (both free and subscription-based) and advanced administration notification options assure fault tolerance and peace of mind.

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