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rotate data from x axis to y axis

rotate data from x axis to y axis

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if I have some number at column and I want to switch all the numbers to vertical in one times,how can I do this.
For example : I have 1 at A1 cell, 2 at Number at B1 cell and 3 at C1
cell, how can I switch/rotate all my data to A1/A2 and A3 cell?

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Are there any tricks/chances to rotate more than one level of category axis labels of a bar chart?

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When I right-click on a pivot table and choose Pivot Chart, it automatically creates a Pivot chart with the rows as x-axis, and columns as y-axis. How do I change the chart so that the rows are in y-axis and columns are in x-axis?!

shift Y axis

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I have a question similar to IgorM (6/22/2006) posted, I think.
In simple way describe: We have a XY (scatter) chart with lines connect points.
Our X axis scale is 0 to 40 with major unit of 5.
Since there is several data point at 0 of X axis, we would like to move Y axis cross at -1 of X axis (in Excel default Y axis cross at 0 of X axis).
So how do we shift Y axis to -1 of X axis still keep X axis scale of 0 to 40
and not showing -1 of X axis.

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I want to put 3 different data for these 3 axis; such as: time data, profit data, phone call data.
Could anyone tell me how to do it?

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