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'Return a value based on the value of another cell'

'Return a value based on the value of another cell'

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for looking,
I need a formula to do the following - I don't think its that difficult I just don't know the full formula.
If the value in cell C is less than £99.99 bring back £40 OR of the value in cell C is between £100 & £9,99.99 bring back £70 OR if the value in cell C is £10,00 or above bring back £100.

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Need to return value of cell based on parameter.

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Need help urgently,
I'm trying to return the value of a cell based on another cell's value.
I.E. F7 = 200.
F8 = Sheet1!(Q214)
Essen tally, I want to return from another sheet column(Q), same sheet Row(F7 + 14)
Is this possible? This is what I tire but its not working.

Return column based on cell value.

Free: Yes
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I wish to show a cell address whose column is determined by the value of a different cell. For instance if cell A1 has the text "d" then cell A2 would return the value of cell D2 And if the cell had the text "f" then cell A2 would return the value of F2.
Also the linked cell would be on a different worksheet, does this make a difference?

lookup and return a value based on a range

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I want to place a formula in cell K2 that looks up the value calculated in cell J2 and compares it to the range of data in cells B9:C20. It then returns a result from cells A9:A20 based on the range. In this example, 24.9 should return a value of 1.5. The example in the second line, 49.9 should return a value of 3.0 in cell K3.
I have tried lookup, but it fails when I use a range.
Using excel 2010

Return Results of a cell based on cell referenced in a cell

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I am trying to write a formula that will return the results of a cell based on cell coordinates (including sheet where located and cell within that sheet (column and row)). Is anyone aware of how to do this?

Ranking based on values

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I'm trying to rank a set of individuals based on scores. Specifically, I'm want to find the top three each day. In the attached example, cell B2 would return "D*ck" since he had the highest score that day (cell A2). Cell C2 would return "Sally" since she had the second highest score and cell D2 would return "Jennifer" since she had the third highest score. My goal is to do this for everyday in the time series.
Can anyone help me out with a function that can accomplish this?

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This function interacts with the API to get a users location based on their IP address. It can return city, state, country, latitude & longitude and is accurate within a 25 mile radius. This function accepts an IP Address and returns an array of location based values.

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