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Restricted values

Restricted values

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when I tried to input some value in a workbook, I am getting an error msg "The value you entered is not valid. A user has restricted values that can be entered into this cell". Can someone help how to remove restriction on the cells

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Restricted permissions

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I created documents in Excel and now they are all shown with restricted permission.
I don't know how it this happened how can I get rid of this.

Restricted cell

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Can I have an idea how can I block a cell of entering data unless another
cell have data fist
Cell D:5 must not accept data
Unless B:2 have a data
if cell B:2 is blank no entry can be done in cell D:5
I must enter data in B:2 first

custom data validation on cells with data validation values

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I am trying to write a custom data validation for cells with data
validation values: The cell content in column A is restricted to
values 1 and 2. The cell content in Column B is restricted to values 1, 2, 3, 4, 98, or 97. Value 97 in column B is only suppose to be used when the value in Column A is 2, so I would like to have a warning sign when a value other than 97 is entered in Column B when the value in Column A is 2. I input this formula in the data validation custom field: =AND(A1=2,B2<>97) and tested it by entering 2 in column A and 4 in Column B and no warning message appeared. Is there another
formula that should be used when attempting a custom data validation on cells with data validation values.

linking to a workbook in a access restricted folder

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We have two workbooks a timesheet and a tracking sheet placed in a network with many users. All users have their own tracking sheet and a single common timesheet placed in a access restricted folder. The problem is when a tracking sheet is linked with the timesheet it doesn't work. Can anyone help me with linking these workbooks without affecting the access rights?

Problems with IF statements

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I'm trying to create a new holiday spreadsheet which automatically changes linked cells to 'Restricted' when a Holiday is inserted a different cell. So for example if one person was on holiday on a given date the people that cannot have that day off are automatically shown 'restricted' in the corresponding cell.
Now this working with cells which are only looking at one other cell! But not for the 2 cells which are looking at more than one. Also some cells are looking at cells which are looking at them which is creating 'circular references'.
the formula I have in the cell which is working is :=IF(E6=R$8,"Restricted","-")
the cell which isn't working : =IF(OR(J6=R$8,I6=R$8,F6=R$8),"Restricted","-")
Is it possible to post the file for others to look at.
Thank you to all who help me because I'm at wits end.

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