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Replace #N/A with 0

Replace #N/A with 0

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When I use the vLookup formula and the result is #N/A, I need to replace this
with a 0, is this possible in only one formula?

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Java String replace Code

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This String replace example in Java will show you how to replace String in Java both at character level and by using regular expression. Since String is final in Java every time you replace String you will get a new String object only if your actually replace anything on original String otherwise replace methods of String return same String object.

find value and replace with formula

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I am trying to use the find and replace and I want to replace the value with a formula. I tried entering the formula in the replace dialog box but it add's a leading space and shows the formula as a value. Can I use the find and replace to insert a formula?

Replace Wildcard with Same Character

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Is there a way to search using the ? wildcard and in the "replace" line tell Excel to replace it with the same character that was there? I tried using a ? in the replace line but it replaces the found character with a question mark.
In case it matters, I'm trying to replace a larger spreadsheet with IP addresses, many of which have octets in single or double digits, with leading zeros to have them sort properly.

Search and Replace issue

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I am using the replace function to search and replace text in a work book.
The workbook has been exported from another program and some of the test I need to replace reads "Receipt Number" and in some of the cells the space is replaced by a little square.
So it will not replace those, but I need to.
Can any one help me get rid of the little square issue?

Find and Replace

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I'm using Excel 2003 with all latest updates. When I use the Find & Replace function, if I click on Find I have three options in Look In -- Formulas, Values, Comments. If I select Replace I only have the Formula option in Look In. Can anyone tell me how to fix this. I need to Find and Replace some

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Search and Replace for Wordpress

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With this plugin you can search and replace strings in you Wordpress website. This will not change your database data because the search and replace is done just before the content is shown on the screen.
With this plugin you can also define wich replaces should be applied to what parts of the website. Below you find a list of content parts that you can select for a replacement action.

Advanced Replace Tools

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Overview of Advanced Replace Tools by ReplSoft
"Advanced Replace Tools" (ART) is an advanced text replacement utility program that webmasters, programmers (and everybody who uses computers) will find essential. The time saved by using this program can pay for itself in one hour (or less) of billable client work.
Imagine that you need to replace text in hundreds of files. It would take many hours to do this work manually. ART resolves tedious editing tasks in a few minutes. ART automates repetitive changes for you.
ART streamlines many tedious editing and text change functions. The program searches for, and replaces, both text and binary strings (in files and in program code).
ART also can batch replace text and binary strings in files that are located either on local disk drives, or, on a network.
ART's File Browser Utility allows users to specify a great number of files before processing. This file browser uses either a built-in or a plug-in utility.
ART's Finder Utility allows users to search through documents by file mask, by date, by file size, by attribute and even by text string. This search process is similar to that used in an Internet search engine.
The Replacer Utility allows users to insert, replace or remove entire fragments of text. Text can consist of more than one line of code, and text can exist in multiple files. The Batch Replacer is a multi-string search-and-replace filter. This filter can find strings in files and replace them with whatever text you specify. Both text and binary files can be processed by the program.

Search and replace text in files recursively

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We have created this Perl script to assist web masters in updated large numbers of files quickly. If you have thousands of files that all need a small change like, for example, you want to change the copyright date, then this script is for you! You can update pages extremely fast, and the script will recurse into all your subdirectories too.

Masking Transition (leaves)

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Easy to use mask for transition between images. It's also possible to replace the leave by another symbol you like. Download includes instructions on how to replace the symbol and how to rescale.

Replace default index page of a site

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TotalIndex v2.0 is an open source script that is designed to replace the simple, and boring default index page of a site which lists the files in an indexed folder. This script produces a stylish and organized view of the files and folders in an indexed directory. Any folder on your site (including subfolders) can easily be indexed simply by copying a single file to the highest level folder. This script comes with many icons for different file types as well as the ability to easily let the admin add custom icons and file type extensions to the system. TotalIndex comes with many preconfigured style themes to choose from. The script can be installed anywhere on your server and DOESN'T require the use of a database.

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