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repeat text in same exact cells in multi worksheets

repeat text in same exact cells in multi worksheets

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I have a workbook and have 20 worksheets in the book.
example of what I would like to do.
on the worksheet in the same exact numbered cells I want to put the text in once and then put a formula to make it copy the info to 2-19 pages of the workbook.
like 1 of 20 pages, 2 of 20 pages - I only want to put the "of 20 pages" once then have it when it's changed it would automatically change the other work books if I had 21 pages one time then it would change the others. I hope

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The attached WB should clarify my question.

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I am having problems working out how to automatically place text from one cell into a cell in another sheet.
I have read the post on 10 April 07 "Repeat text in exact cells in
multi-worksheets" and tried the solution:
"select the cell in question in the 2nd sheet, type an equal sign, then click the 1st sheet tab and the cell where you want to link to, then press enter. "
When I do this, I get the formula showing up in the cell to be copied to (in my sheet the formula is: =People!B2 but the actual text in the cell to be copied doesn't appear.
I can't work out what is going on -

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I am trying to use the EXACT function to simply compare two texts in separate cells. I am opening a text file and converting to excel spreadsheet with delimited text. I separate the text into cells, perform a transpose and copy into the worksheet with the EXACT function comparing columns of text. So, the first columns are from the converted text file and the second columns are from another excel spreadsheet. As you can see, the text is identical yet the EXACT function is returning FALSE. The first row is TRUE, however which is correct. The other sheets all show TRUE because I copied and paste from two different worksheets. Is there an issue when converting text file to excel file? See attached sheet.

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I'm trying to create a workbook that will automatically fill in text and numbers.
For example, if I type GSK09C-ARIC-0186 into cell A1, I want that to appear in cells A3, A5, and A7. Then in cell A9, I want the number at the end (0186) to increase by one, thus displaying GSK09C-ARIC-0187 and having GSK09C-ARIC-0187 repeat 3 times before moving on to the next number (0188). Thus making cell A1 the starting point for the numerical order (ie typing 0300 at the end of GSK09C-ARIC- will make the rest of the cells automatically update to make 0301, 0302, 0303, etc.)
I've been using the =Left formula to get the GSK09C-ARIC- to repeat but I cannot make the number increase by one.
Any other formulas I can use to assist in this process?

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