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Removing a double space before characters in a cell

Removing a double space before characters in a cell

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I have an excel spread sheet with over 700 rows of data on (only 3 columns).
For some reason, some 3500 of the key cells have a double space prior to the character which in turn is affecting the a-z sorting of the data. Excel is assuming that the double slipcase is a character and sorting them differently to the rest of the sheet.
Without manually going through the 3500 cells and deleting the double space, does anyone know how I can remove the double space before the characters so that it sorts correctly?
(I've tried left and right align but it doesn't change the way it sorts.)

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Michael Malone /J
Ben hammer OddF
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I have conditional formatting that looks for special characters that are listed on another sheet and fills color so the data entry person knows there are special characters that aren't allowed. We also look for double spaces.
Conditional formatting formula:
=SUM(--(ISNUMBER(FIND('Special Characters'!$B$2:$B$168,A2))
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