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referring to the "active" textbox, is this possible

referring to the "active" textbox, is this possible

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is it possible to refer to the "active" textbox, what I mean by that is, the one that the user currently has their cursor in?
I have code like this:
but I have about 20 textboxes and I need to change that particular subroutine to paste in the active textbox.

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Active TextBox

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Is there any code for my program to recognize the active TextBox or TextBox that someone has clicked into within the UserForm? I have a section of several TextBoxes they can click into and I made a keypad that they will use to put information into these boxes. But, the keypad code has to know which TextBox they clicked into. Anything on this?

a macro that Formats a textbox based on value in a cell

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Have created textbox. The text in the textbox is driven from a formula. Want the font in the textbox to depend on the value of a particular cell. This particular cell can equal "RED", "GREEN", or "BLACK". Am attempting to write a macro to solve this.

Making password form

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I've been searching the web for some time now and all I end up is some programs for recovery and some none helping answers.
Ill try to illustrate what I've got:
I've got a Userform witch contains a textbox (with password char active).
I've got an OK and CANCEL button.
So a very easy construction.
The problem is that I want the user to enter the right password for getting through.
For example:
Set textbox as value
If textbox is "password" _
then .
Im doing something wrong here but don't get my finger on it.

OLEObject Textbox Is Case Sensitive?

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'compare Sheet 3 column G to the value of the Search textbox
If sh3.Range("G" & I) = sh1.OLEObjects("SearchDoc").Object.Value Then
' remainder of code autofilters and copies data matching the textbox value.

Textbox to cell question

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Working on a project for work.
2 part question
1,set textbox to (all caps) when user types.
2,When button clicked input from textbox goes to cell range, 1st letter to
cell a1, 2nd letter to cell a2, 3rd letter to cell a3. Max 9 cells (a1-a9).
So when "BLUETRUCKS" is entered the letter "B" goes to cell a1, and
"L" goes to cell a2.and so on.

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There are instances where you will want to verify that a user has clicked a link to get to certain content or that a disclaimer was viewed and "agreed to" by the user click. This example will check to see what the referring page to it was and it the referring page is not the same as the current page location than a default view will be displayed. Providing the user clicks on a link from that page then the content will be displayed.

RedKernel Referer Tracker

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RedKernel Referrer Tracker uses a powerful filesystem (combined with MySql) to reduce the server load and to even works when the MySql server is down (temporarily), it can handle a very big amount of hits even on a little server.
It draw many detailed graphics depending of the period, the referring domain, the audited host... sort referring domains by unique/raw hits, print all referrers for the specified period, include a referrer search engine, a template-based "TOP X" to insert in your website page(s).

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Phoca SEF is a Joomla! component. This component doesn't create SEF links. It is a small component which has three main functions:
Storing links from sites which end with 404 Error
Redirecting selected site which ends with 404 Error to new site
Storing refering sites
Using this component should be useful e.g. if you did some alternation on your site and your links will be changed (upgrade of Joomla! version, enabled SEF, enabled mod_rewrite, changed structure of content, ...) or if you need to find wrong links on your site. This component stores links from sites which end with 404 Error, so you can set new site where obsolete site will be redirect (301 redirection) to. Searching sites with wrong links (sites which refer to your site) will be simple if you enable "Storing referring sites" parameter. Then you get information about obsolete site and about the referring site too. If the referring site is located on your server, you can fix wrong links on this site very quickly. This can help you for SEO of your site.
For successfully running of this component, Joomla! core file needs to be edited and Search Engine Friendly URLs needs to be enabled in Global Configuration of Joomla!

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ConvincingMail AutoComplete is an ASP.NET AJAX extender that can be attached to any TextBox control, and will associate that control with a popup list to display items that returend by the webservice for the prefix typed into the textbox. The list with suggested items supplied by a web service is positioned under the textbox.
The list with suggested items supplied by a web service is positioned under the textbox.

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This Counter and Referer Script provides two options. On the one hand you can count the page visits and on the other hand you can log the referers.
The page visits can be displayed as image or text. When you log the referer (extern referring pages), you have the overlook about the referring pages and the number of visits from these pages.
Functions and features of the Counter and Referer Script
- Displays visits as image or text
- Different number images with different colors and size possible
- List of all extern referring pages
- Layout is easy to customize with HTML templates
- Available language files: English, German

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