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#REF Error when summing

#REF Error when summing

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I keep getting this error #REF When trying to Sum Cell A1 which contains
2001:2003!A1. I have tried Sum(A1),Sum(INDIRECT(A1)), Sum(Concatenate(A1)). None of which seem to work.

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#VALUE! when summing the products of two column

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How can I make my formula work when summing the products of two column on the attached table? I am trying to calculate the cost of my product (E78) by summing (C54:C76) with (E54:E76). It returns #VALUE! error.
I believe it is to do with some text in between the selected area.
Please help, I don't want to do it like D78 by adding them individually.

Summing based on multiple criteria

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Can somebody please help me with this as its driving me nuts and I'm very close to launching my laptop out of the window.
In a nut shell this is what I am trying to achieve,
I want Excel to SUM coulomb H where,
the date in coulomb C is greater than (Ref to cell with date entered)
the date in coulomb C is less than (ref to cell with date entered)
Coulomb E = (Ref to cell with name in)
& Coulomb F = (Ref to Cell with name in)
Hope that all makes sense, very quick draft copy attached.

How to avoid #REF!, #VALUE! error

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I have prepared an excel sheet initial all the formula was working fine but now suddenly it stopped working and I am getting #ref! error and # value! error.

#REF! Error Resolve?

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The formula below will produce the #REF! Error in cell L4 until data is input in cells A4 and B4. Once data is input, the #REF! error will go away, and be replaced with a numerical outcome of 0 or 1.
Is there an addition to the formula below which I can use to just leave the cell "blank" until the data is input in A4 and B4. I just hate seeing that #REF! Error!

summing the number of dates

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The scenario:
cell A - I have a range of date (title Date) and cell B - I have a range of incidents (title Error Dept)
Date | Error Dept
Feb 12 D
Feb 13 D
Feb 12 D
How can I formula the results that tells me there are 2 Ds in Feb 12 from Error Department.

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JS Error Log is a simple set of PHP classes and jQuery plugin which allows log and store all JS errors as PHP errors.
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