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Red upward trend arrow

Red upward trend arrow

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I trying to get a red upward trend arrow with conditional formatting. In my case the example, if the number goes up, that is bad and I want to have a red upward arrow and if it goes down for the arrow to be green and pointing down. I can get the conditional formatting to work but when I reverse it I does not do what I want to do, I still get the red arrow pointing down. Any help or examples would be appreciated.

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"Trend" question

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a report that I will be taking over from a co-worker that shows 4 months of Volume.
May June July August
The last column of the report is to show "trend". Basically if the volume is steadily increasing, the trend column shows an upward pointing arrow. If the volume is steadily decreasing, the trend column shows a downward pointing arrow.
I know, fancy stuff here!
Needless to say, I think this is all ridiculous, but I have no choice in the matter!
My problem comes in when the data is as shown above - all over the place. Is there a formula that I can use to logically figure out the trend?

Comparing 2 coloums and displaying a trend arrow

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Just signed up. Figured there's people on here a lot smarter than myself who can help me with my Excel struggles.
I have a list of products that are compared against each other over 28 and 90 Days.
Each product is then classified as a SUCCESS, AVERAGE or FAILURE.
If Product is a SUCESS after 28 Days and AVERAGE after 90 Days, I want to display a downward arrow.
If it's a FAILURE after 28 Days and goes up to AVERAGE after 90 Days, I'd like to display an upward arrow.
If it remains unchanged, I'd like this to be graphically displayed as well.

Trend analysis for budget

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have an excel spread sheet I created for my personal budget.
It has 12 tabs on the bottom, a tab for every month.
In every tab, is a basic budget; income, spending and savings.
Basically, I want to create a trend for the income,savings, and expenses over the 12 months.
So if on the January tab I have an income of $100 and February $150, I want the trend to go upward etc.
Btw, I use excel 2010.

running trend analysis

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am working on a statistical process control "run" chart, and I was wondering if there is any easy (?), formula that I could use to see if there was a running trend in the data.
ie, I need to flag up if there are 7 consecutive data points that are all either increasing, or decreasing, (Ideally would like to be able to "key in" the number to trend. eg ideally 7, but could also be 5).
My initial thought is that I would have to have 2 columns and use a lot of "nested" if / and statements to look at the preceding 7 data points, one column checking "upward trends, the other reducing trends. I think this would work but is a bit "messy", and I was hoping for a neater solution.

how to delete the little red arrow in excell work sheet block

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There is a little red arrow in the upper right hand corner of work sheet block with my name in it. How can this be deleted, removed, etc?

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