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Rank based on criteria

Rank based on criteria

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The following is the data of school marks.
Sec No Marks Rank
1A 1A1 150 1
1A 1A10 147 3
1A 1A11 145 4
1A 1A12 147 3
1A 1A13 143 5
1A 1A14 127 6
1A 1A3 150 1
1A 1A4 149 2
1B 1B1 131 2
1B 1B10 127 4
1B 1B11 124 6
1B 1B12 134 1
1B 1B13 127 4
1B 1B14 125 5
1B 1B15 130 3
1C 1C1 136 1
1C 1C10 100 5
1C 1C11 11 2
1C 1C12 84 7
1C 1C13 105 4
1C 1C14 107 3
1C 1C15 98 6
I want the rank calculated on "sec". the rank above is calculated using UDF (from excel community). Can it be done using functions?

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Having some trouble/not sure how to make this calculation.
basically, I have ranked based on a few criteria some sales people., but now I would like to do an overall rank, based on their ranking.
i.e. if there are four criteria
Sales Person - Criteria 1 - Criteria 2 - Criteria 3 - Criteria 4
John Doe rank= 1 rank= 1 rank= 1 rank= 1
thus his overall rank is #1.
I have attached a sample, I have highlighted in red there cell where I require the overall rank. please help thx you!

Rank by Certain Criteria

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I'm trying to find a formula that will rank data based on a certain criteria (rather than having to sort it and run a rank formula for each criteria manually). I have different territories, with a few hundred stores in each territory, and would like the rank formula to rank that value within its' particular territory. The table attached shows what the table looks like. It also needs to be a formula that is compatible with Excel 2003.

Rank Data based on Criteria

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I have sales data by location. Each location is managed by a VPO. VPO will manage multiple locations. I need to be able to rank sales by VPO. I know I can sort the sales by VPO, rank the VPO's sales, copy and paste the rank values. The file has to be sorted by location when it is finally sent out.
Is there a formula that will rank sales based on the VPO's name without sorting them first? Attached is an example.

Unique Rank with Two Criteria

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Cells A1 and B1 will change from a combo box.
What I would like is a formula in column C that looks up the value in cell A1 from the range A6:A186 and also looks up the value in cell B1 from column E and returns a UNIQUE rank of the values in Column D based on those two criteria.
I'd like the rank to give the highest value 1.

Rank using Criteria

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I am building a weight loss tracker for a contest. I want to rank both the Male team and Female team by total weight lost each week.
What I need to know how to do is in Column U I have a rank formula. What I need it to do is look at columns C and D and determine if the person is male or female and run two different ranks.
For Example if there are 10 people 5 male and 5 female, the rank formula in column U needs to rank just males (column C) 1-5 and then just females (column D) 1-5.
The spreadsheet is attached for reference.

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