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Quattro Pro X5 (.qpw) to Excel 2010 (.xlsx) conversion

Quattro Pro X5 (.qpw) to Excel 2010 (.xlsx) conversion

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I am trying to convert .qpw files to .xlsx. I have both Quattro Pro X5 and Excel 2010 installed. However, I can't seem to find a way to easily convert a .qpw file to .xlsx. I have searched the web for converters, but there only seems to be a converter for Excel 200. I have also tried publishing the .qpw file to XML in Quattro Pro X5 and then opening through Excel 2010, but I either get an invalid file, or it opens, but the data is displayed as text (no formulas and formatting). Can anyone please advise on how to convert a .qpw file to .xlsx while keeping the correct formulas and formatting (is this even possible, since the formula syntax in QP and Excel is different?)

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