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Pull out data from an array

Pull out data from an array

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I have multiple blocks of data in 1 spreadsheet which I manually assigned range name for each block of data.
In another spreadsheet, when the range name is selected (which I use combo box) I need to be able to pull out the whole row if the first column of that row has the text 'Approved'.
The excel is attached.
Only functions. No code or filter function.

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Excel VBA Sort an Array List

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

Im not even sure where to start with this coding, perhaps someone can post me a sample code for an example. Please note, I have never worked with array's before, so feel free to speak to me in n00b language.
The facts:
I have 8 text boxes on a form (in Excel VBA) each contains a time in format hh:mm AM/PM. Not all of these times will be in order, so textbox1 might be 08:00 AM, textbox2 10:00 AM, textbox3 09:00 AM. and so on.
What I need:
I need excel to sort these for me. so the array would pull from the textboxes and list first textbox1, then textbox3, then textbox2. and so on.
I assume I also need to know how to create the array, using Dim? and how to pull each value from the array to use in a formula in another procedure?

Pull back first value in Array

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm trying to retrieve a value from one of three columns based on a value contained in column A.
What I want to do is use a formula that would look at the value in column A "use row 5 for example" with a value of 85 and return the 55 as a value. I want to return the value that is contained in column B,D, or E.
I never want a value returned from column C.
I cannot change the locations of any of the columns in the xls or I would just move column C out.
I've attached an example of the XLS.

Can Not Return Text From a Sum Array Type Formula

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I understand how to use array formulas in a SUM situation but do not know how to pull/return text with an array. In the attached example I, pretty much, want the formula to say (column E) if Joe Schmo spent $1.00 on 1/1/2012 on which ER number was that charge?
I would like to try: {=SUM((Data!$A$2:$A$10)*(A2=Data!$A$2:$A$10)*(B2=Data!$C$2:$C$10)*(D2=Data!$E$2:$E$10))} but I know that will not work because Data!$A$2:$A$10 is text so I know it will not SUM.

Dynamic Array-Add Data Check Data, Sort Data

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

Not sure really how to do this.
Got a column of numbers, some may be double.
want to check each number from the column
if its in the array go to next if not add it to the array
Then sort when done.
was reading and found array list and all sorts of stuff. kinda confused.
How should I declare the array?
Can I pass the array into a function
how do I find the length of the array
dim ItemsArray() as integer

Conditional Lookups

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Long time lurker first time poster.
I am having a little trouble with an array formula I constructed.
Basically the range S in 'Data' is the data its pulls, range R in 'Data' is the unique identifier code and range Q in 'Data' is the date. Subsequently range E is the unique identifier being looked up and range C is the date being looked up.
What the array currently does is match the unique identifier and pull the value closest to a date.
What I am struggling to incorporate is a condition that it cant pull the data before a date. Thus it should only pull the data which is closest to the date it matches that is after the date in range C.

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XML to Array : PHP code to parse an XML document

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The XML to Array PHP script takes the hard work out of constantly developing custom PHP code to parse an XML document. A simple call the the XML to Array function with the appropriate repeating level will call your user defined function to process the XML data in a convenient, simple to use PHP array.
We've personally used this script to parse multiple XML and RSS feeds, and it has drastically decreased our development efforts. While there is no online demo, here is an example of what the script can do. The eBay RSS Store script utilizes the XML to Array script to parse the eBay RSS data feeds.

Pointers to Functions

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Up to this point we have been discussing pointers to data objects. C also permits the declaration of pointers to functions. Pointers to functions have a variety of uses and some of them will be discussed here.
Consider the following real problem. You want to write a function that is capable of sorting virtually any collection of data that can be stored in an array. This might be an array of strings, or integers, or floats, or even structures. The sorting algorithm can be the same for all. For example, it could be a simple bubble sort algorithm, or the more complex shell or quick sort algorithm. Well use a simple bubble sort for demonstration purposes.

ToSQL - Convert JSON / XML / PHP Array to SQL

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Import large sets of data into an SQL table; ToSQL will create a suitable table structure, guessing data types, keys and more, and then proceed to inserting the data. This can be useful for those with large amounts of data stored in XML or JSON files, who want to make the transition to SQL .

Flash Slot Machine

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An all-vector, scaleable, slot machine game reminiscent of the old-style 1-payline, 3-reel, 6-icon machines.
An XML configuration file controls:
button colors (off, up, over states)
individual sound effect levels (spin, stop, coin drop, handle pull, winner loop)
It is possible to change the following within Flash:
Payout amounts for each winning spin
Payout odds by adjusting an array containing each reel's icon frequency. So for example, you could increase the likelihood of a '777' jackpot by increasing the number of 7s on each reel's icon array.
The slot machine's vector reel icons
The slot machine's 'skin'
Money/Credit initial and reset amount
The file uses a Flash-based Shared Object 'cookie' to store the user's score.

Flex Time Picker Utility

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The function in this sample time picker application leverages the DateFormatter class and returns an array of objects with formatted time strings (label) and a UNIX timestamp representation of the hour:minute values (data).
The combo box in the sample binds the array as its data povider. As a proof of concept for the demo Ive added fields so the minute interval and 12/24 hr clock format can be tweaked.

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