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Printing Frozen panes on every page

Printing Frozen panes on every page

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I can freeze panes successfully so that they are always visible when I scroll around he worksheet.
However when I print the pages the panes are no longer locked.
How can I "lock" columns and row so that they print on all pages?
I am such that this has been answered many time but I cannot find an answer by searching - basically I have no idea what term to use for the search.

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I have a worksheet that has become quite wide, and would like to print the sheet so it spans about 30". I am trying to set it up so that I can print 2 or possibly 3 pages with the panes that I have frozen on each page.
ex. Page 1 - A,B,C,D.Z ; Page 2 - A,B,C,AA,AB.AZ etc.
I have the columns left of D frozen, and the rows above 8 frozen and would like to be able to see the headings in those frozen panes on each page.

Printing the Frozen pane

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I have used the freeze pane feature in Excel. So that the top 2 rows and the columns have been frozen....
When clicking on Print Preview, I want the frozen panes to be printed on every page... currently when printing it doesn't hold the frozen panes on each page....
I have attached the worksheet I am using currently
Please note that it works in 'Nurse' worksheet and not for 'Summary Top Sheet'

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How do I make my frozen panes/rows print at the top of each page?

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I have a group of columns that I've frozen and now I'd like to freeze some rows within those columns.

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I have a sheet that has a title and header cells as 2 rows frozen at the top.
I would like those two rows to appear on every printed page.

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