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Populate the value in one cell based on another cell

Populate the value in one cell based on another cell

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If the value in cell A1 (text format) is either A, B or C, how can I populate the values 100, 50 or 0 in cell A2 (number format).

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Populate date based on a date in another cell

Free: Yes
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I hope someone can help me with the following scenario:
I have a date in cell "A1", a formula in cell "B1" that populates the day of the week based on the date in cell "A1". What I need is a formula for cell "C1" that will populate the date of the upcoming FRIDAY based on the date in cell "A1".
What ever the date in cell "A1", the date in cell "C1" needs to always display the date of the next/ upcoming Friday.

Populate based on a Condition

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a question on how to populate a cell based on a condition
Here's what I want to do.
I have 2 sheets (Setup, Check)
On the "Setup" sheet I have 6 cells, 3 of them have names the other 3 are below and are blank. If I put something like x or 1 in one of the empty cells below I would like to populate a Cell in my Check sheet with the text above the x or 1.
Sorry about the poor description I find myself having a hard time to explain this

How to populate a cell with numeric value based on textselected from pull down in adjacent cell?

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How do I populate a cell with a numeric value based on the text selection from a pull down in another cell?
For example, the values available from the cell pull down in column A are "High", "Medium", and "Low".
I would like the adjacent cells in column B to populate with a numeric value based on what was selected from the pull downs in column A.

Formula to populate in a certain format

Free: Yes
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Is it possible to populate a cell in a certain format? I'm looking to make a cell populate with a W/L record based on two columns of data in this format: (W-L)
Attached is an example file. Cell D2 needs to read: (5-2)

Populate Cell based on IF SEARCH() criteria in Different Cell

Free: Yes
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First off, apologies if this is already a solved issue somewhere on the forum. This is my first time using the forum and I have not had luck finding this issue addressed in my search of it so far.
My question is how to populate a cell if a value of another cell contains a specific text, and, if it does not, I want to populate a cell X columns from the one that contains the if statement.
The logic I'm trying to capture is:
if Col1R1 contains "J", then Col2R2=Col1R1, else Col4R2=Col1R1
I've tried using offset(), but have not had luck.
When I use if(search("Text",CellX,1),CellX,CellY=CellX) It does not recognize the else statement. I feel this should work (could be wrong) but I'm not able to solve thus far.
Again apologies if there is a previous thread regarding this. Haven't been able to find it.

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