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Pop-up Pics

Pop-up Pics

Price: FREE

I want Excel to do the following:
When I click on one particular cell, a picture pears, like a Pop-up window. If the picture closes after I move the cursor from the cell, that would be great. Is that possible?
I'd like to be abe to do the same with diagrams, etc.
I have tried the Hyperlink function, that wasn't what I need.
Hope that there is a solution that doesn't require programming.

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Delete All Pics Outside of Range

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How would I tailor the code that's below to delete all pictures that are NOT in rows 1:5?
Sub Delete()
Dim Pic As Object
For Each Pic In ActiveSheet.Pictures

Make data set continuous (Pics)

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I'm doing some data analysis and looking for a way to make one column of a data set increment by 1 while causing the other columns to copy existing data. It will make sense if you look at the picture attached or the spreadsheet attached. Anyone know how this can be done?

can't delete pics and textboxes

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I have numerous screenshots pasted and dozens of text boxes and arrows on my work sheet. When trying to delete them it takes a minimum of 5 tries.
I select the item and hit delete key, the previously active cell becomes active and the item is not deleted.
I'll do this 5 to 10 times before it finally is deleted!
I've tried selecting, right click and cut, with no success. (There is no delete option in the shortcut menu.)

Copying headers across multiple worksheets - along with inserted pics and cell sizing.

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I've created inspection forms where rows 1 to 3 and A-AQ are the header. This fits within a page so obviously the widths are not the same as a standard sheet, nor are the heights. I also have three company type logos inserted that I would like to include.

Checking whether a value falls within multiple sets of data ranges? (pics)

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I'm trying to write a function to determine if a value, lets say (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 etc.) falls within multiple ranges of data (Range 1 = 2-4, Range 2 = 8-10) and return true or false.
How would I do this? I have attached a spreadsheet which I hope better defines my question.

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Pop under PHP class

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Tags: PHP › Excel Ad Management

Pop under class allows you to implement pop under advertising to your website. This class can be used to display interstitial advertising. It generates HTML and JavaScript that makes an advertising page appear on the current page and then automatically disappears if the user clicks on the skip link or does not click on the advertising after a few seconds. The advertising display time is configurable. The same user may also not be exposed to the same advert for until a given period. The class may invoke a given callback function when the user clicks on the advert or in the skip links.

Random Word Pop

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Here you have a file that pop-up random words. You can add as many words as you want. Everything is contained in one MovieClip so can easily be dragged into any project. You can also add images or shapes to replace the words.
The animation type and duration can be set via the ActionScript which is very well commented and real easy to edit. Finally you can also change the randomness of the words and amount generated per second.The file is dynamically setup so you can change the dimensions to whatever you want and it will update accordingly.

Ajax like popup without javascript

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While most of browsers has blocked pop up windows, the web site owners uses Ajax like pop ups, but the pop ups are very heavy to load and lots of this to configure, but this pop up script,any one can easily modified and insert to any web page, no browser compability problem and very light for lighting fast loading.

XML Animated bar chart graph with pop up details

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XML Animated bar graph sales / product chart with pop-up details.
Fully Customizable XML driven graph/chart with animated bars and fading pop-up details window. Everything is editable from within the XML file (no need for Flash program). Just open the XML with your favorite text editor!
~ Virtually unlimited amount of items/bars can be displayed.
~ Choose to have the bars grow individually or simultaneously.
~ Fine-tune all item values.
~ Highly Flexible XML

Pop up Preloader

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Preloaders

+ Flash 8.
+ Nice effect.
+ Easy to use (copy and paste).
+ Help files included.

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