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Pivot Tables Based on Filtered Data

Pivot Tables Based on Filtered Data

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I created numerous pivot tables from a dataset. I now need to
create the same number of pivot tables for a filtered subset of the dataset. Is there a way to have a pivot table update based on an applied filter? If not, is there a workaround?

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Pivot tables: display filtered data in another worksheet

Free: Yes
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I have managed to create a pivot table to filter data that shares a common relationship (in this case it is data from fish that are in their early rearing stage of life). But what I need to do is display the raw data for each fish in their own worksheet. I seem to recall I learned to do this months ago but I have forgotten and cannot find anything on the internet Is there a keyboard shortcut to do this?

Automatic update of Pivot Table based on filtered data

Free: Yes
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I have data table and created pivot using it. Is it possible to update the pivot table when I filter in Data table?
If I filter Jan in the Data Table of sample file, it should show only the pivot for the month of Jan. I don't want to filter it in Pivot Table.

Pivot Tables Refresh...kinda

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a workbook that has 6 connections to an MS Access database. When I use the command "RefreshAll" in vba the linked tables refresh, but the pivot tables and pivot charts that are based on them do not. If I run the macro again, then the pivot tables and charts update.
I have tried calling the sub twice from another sub, but that doesn't work. I have also tried to use the code:
and then looping through all the pivot tables and refreshing. Again, the data tables refresh but the pivot tables and charts do not.

simoultaneous pivot tables

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How do you change the page field on multiple pivot tables? I am creating multiple pivot charts from the pivot tables and the only field that al of the tables have in common is the page field. The row, data, and column fields are different. All of the pivot charts are based off of the same source data. If I have to do tin VB, can someone give me an example? I don't know how to do pivot tables in VB.

Refreshing Pivot Tables

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I have one set of data and several pivot tables created using this data all in the same workbook (each pivot table has its own tab) When refreshing the pivot tables I need to be able to refresh only one pivot table at a time, and the problem is that sometimes several pivot tables are updated after refreshing only one. This is needed because some of the pivot tables contain information that is updated only quarterly, yearly, etc. How do I ensure that all the pivot tables are set up correctly so that only one is refreshed

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Just Ajax Table

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Tags: Ajax › Excel PHP Table and Datagrids

JustAjaxTable performs all operation with tables "on-fly" using Ajax requests. It is an Ajax/PHP grid library that allows you to create web-based data grids/tables that behave like desktop software.
In-place cell editing, live scrolling, live sorting, PHP/MySQL backend, cross-browser support.

Premium Pricing Tables Plugin

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel WordPress Plugins

WP Mega Tables are the perfect solution for those who are in need of a well designed and more importantly a easy to use pricing table in there wordpress themes.
Looking for such a plugin?, then look no further because wptitans has the answer. A pricing or information table with a clean and elegant look and the most important thing is that the tables are so easy to manage and very flexible. The tables can be added as 1, 2, 3, 4 and even 5 columns, this depends of course of the width of the page your adding the tables.

Web-based SQLite administration

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel Databases SQLite

SQLiteManager is a multilingual web based tool to manage SQLite database. The programming language used is: PHP4 and work fine with PHP5. Work just as well on a platform Linux as on Windows or Mac OsX.
Management of several databases (Creation, access or upload). Management of the attached databases. Create, edit and delete tables and indexes. IInsert, edit, delete records in these tables. Management of the View, possibilities of creating a view from a SELECT. Management of Trigger. Management of the users defined functions, these functions are in continuation usable in the requests manual, as in the form of insertion/modification of data. Manual request and from file, it is possible of defined the format of the requests, sqlite or MySQL; a conversion is doing in order to directly import a MySQL base in SQLite. Importing of records from a formatted text file. Export of the structure and the data.

CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables

Free: No
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This is a pack of pure CSS3 Web Pricing Tables in Vertical form including 10 color versions, animated hover states, font-face fonts, and PSD source file. This version is dedicated for any custom CMS based site.
- Pure CSS + HTML ,
- 10 Color Versions,
- Animated Hover States,
- Font-Face Fonts,
- PSD Source Included,
- Documentation Included.

Sort Tables Columns using JavaScript

Free: No
Tags: JavaScript › Excel Sorting Data

Implementing a table sort, allowing the ability to sort a table by a column, is a common task and the most implemented solution is to send a request to the server for a new page containing the sorted table. Dynamic Table is a javascript table sort tool which uses javascript to allow client side sorting of your data tables.
With Dynamic Table you can make any data table sortable with just one javascript include and one call to an initialization function. After the call the table will can be sorted by clicking on any of the table headers. Because Dynamic Table sorts at the client side it removes unneccessary load on the server and reduces bandwidth usage while at the same time providing near instantaneous response times for the user.
As an added bonus Dynamic Table also allows the user to hide/show the columns they want to see. This can be a real boon in tables with many columns where only a small subset of the data is required.

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