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Pivot tables 2 row labels

Pivot tables 2 row labels

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I am trying to create a pivot table and want to have sales rep names and company as the rows. Is there a way to have the sales rep name repeat everytime with the company instead of how it looks below? I am going to have to use the output of the sheet to do a vlookup on another sheet and in this format I can't make it work.

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Creating 2 pivot tables in 2007, I use examples from 2 books. One book's example places two fields under row labels and both appear as labels column A. The other book's example does the same but one field appears in column A and the other in column B. I looked at all of the pivot table options. They are the same for both workbooks. I want the second pivot table to appear as the first one does, both labels in column A. I'm sure the solution is

Pivot table does not clear old Row Labels when refreshed?

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I have 5 pivot tables which feeds data from a single worksheet. The data from this sheet change every month. Meaning, old data out (deleted) and new one's inn.
The problem I have is the old data I used in the Row Label (such as Customer Name) are still showing in all the pivot tables even though the record is no longer there.
Has anyone had this before? If so, please kindly share your solution.

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Is there any way of deleting the 'Row Labels' &'Column Labels' heading in a Pivot Table? Some of my colleagues find them rather distracting!

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Is there a way to get excel to repeat the label on a pivot table so that there are no blank fields on the report?

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I have pivot tables which show a range from Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree.
When I run a pivot table and chart it will only show the above if there is a value in it.
I would ideal like this to show on the chart - even if the value is nil?

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