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Pivot table does not clear old Row Labels when refreshed?

Pivot table does not clear old Row Labels when refreshed?

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I have 5 pivot tables which feeds data from a single worksheet. The data from this sheet change every month. Meaning, old data out (deleted) and new one's inn.
The problem I have is the old data I used in the Row Label (such as Customer Name) are still showing in all the pivot tables even though the record is no longer there.
Has anyone had this before? If so, please kindly share your solution.

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Pivot Table: Changed source but result is a merge of new and old (old that is gone!)

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I am using week numbers (e.g. 1-52) for Column labels in a pivot table (see picture)
When the year turned over they became out of order (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 50, 51, 52)
So I changed the formula that calculates the week number to append 2 digit year and period to the front. (changing it from number to text)
The formula was copied all the way down the data, refreshed, I refreshed the Pivot table data, re-established the data range, removed and put back the Week from Column Labels but it remains the same.
It has both the old and new - the old with no corresponding data of course.
How do I truly refresh this?

Can't clear drop list in Pivot table

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I have a pivot table that pulls data by city from another sheet in the workbook.
After creating, I decided to limit the data to just certain cities, however ALL the original cities show in my pivot table's drop list even though the data no longer exists on the data page?
I have refreshed the data page and pivot table but it still shows the now removed cities as selection options
How do I clear this so it only shows the limited options without having to rebuild my pivot table?
Is this locked in the spreadsheet's memory somewhere?

Pivot table Sort by Row Labels

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I have a Tabular pivot table and in the Row label I have the following
Account Name
Account Code
I want to sort it by Account code so the lowest account number is at the top - I thought it would be as easy Data --> Sort --> Ascending however it doesn't seem to do anything do anything.
Can you please assist.

Pivot Table vanishes when refreshed

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When I refresh my pivot table, either manually or via code, all the fields vanish. Not the values but the table itself goes back to where I have to place the fields in the table again.
Is there something I need to do to keep the formatting for the table?

Issues when pivot charts are refreshed and pivots has filters

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Need help with pivot charts. The problem I am facing is as given.
Have created a pivot. It has filters, by name and we want to track for each person productive & non productive hours. One name is chosen and a pie chart
is made and formating done with labels (to display the absolute no. and %).
Post this when another person is chosen in the pivot with the filter the complete formating goes for a toss. No labels can be seen. What is the way out?
Wish you Happy New Year 2010
Saskatoon Mithra

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