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Pivot Table Credit and Debit Codes

Pivot Table Credit and Debit Codes

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I have a table of data that has an amount field that is always positive and then a debit_credit_flag that contains a "d" or "c" depending on whether it is a debit or a credit. I want to create a pivot table that summarizes the debits and credits and has a total field of credit minus debit. How can I get the "credit - debit" calculated field into the pivot table?

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Advice please. The best way to look for unique records. Sample below. Have
3 columns. Need to find a debit or credit that does not have a matching
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When sorting, does blank lines, columns hurt? As always, your help is much
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I just made a very simple ledger that has 4 columns( description, debit, credit and balance) and I am just using one formula in balance column that is =IF(AND(ISBLANK(D4),ISBLANK(E4)),"",F3-D4+E4)
basically it checks the debit and credit columns(D & E) if they are blank the balance(F) stays blank, otherwise it calculates the balance every step away.
sometimes we have more than one debit or credit and we want calculate the balance at the end of the group of transactions,

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I have a list of accounts and there balances in a worksheet and would like to compare them to what there balances should be in terms of being a debit or credit.
Debits being a positive and credits as a negative.
I have entered in a separate worksheet all the accounts and in the next cell put whether or not it is a debit or credit.
How could I create a formula or macro to identify all the accounts that do not match this criteria, so that if account 1010 does not have a positive debit balance as my other worksheet indicates then identify it?

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