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Pictures won't go behind text in Excel.

Pictures won't go behind text in Excel.

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I want to insert a pic of a map--send it behind text (or use as a
background--but only behind certain cells, not the whole sheet) to make a grid system that a person can click on a part of the map and the cell they are clicking in contains a hyperlink. I can't get the pic to move behind text.

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I have been working on a spreadsheet - inserting pictures to go along with
When I opened the file this morning it won't let me insert pictures. Any clues as to why?

how do i move text infront of pictures in excel?

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I'm trying to figure out how to make pictures appear behind my text in excel but can not seem to do so can any one

Excel Pictures in Cells

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I'm just wondering whether the following is possible.
I have a worksheet like this
.Column A
Row 1.Text a
.Picture a (floating)
Row 2.Text b
.Picture b (floating)
Row 3.Text c
.Picture c (floating)
I'd like to enter in cell B1 "=A1" and have it show the text and picture. However all it shows is Text a.
Now before you ask why I'd like to do this please note that this is only a simple example which differs from my complex worksheet and I'd rather not get into the reason if irrelevant.
Essentially my question is can you link or embed a picture into a cell?

Text control won't expand

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I have text controls that are word wrapped and a 250 size. Can enter the text, and it does wrap, but the size of the control won't expand to see all the text that is entered. Some people will enter 3 words, some a paragraph, so the text control needs to expand the cell instead of having to lock the cell size to the largest needed. Any ideas how to overcome?

Pictures for the web

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How to scan or find pictures to use in Flash or your web page. Including the different file formats and how to compress pictures.

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Moving Pictures Horizontal Scroll

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- Xml driven scroll with dynamic loading pictures
- Support unlimited number of pictures and swf files
- Simple and nice mirror effect
- no need of any programmer or flash skills to configure just modify the variables in the xml file
- Useful for any flash or web project

Animus add before and after pictures

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This script lets you easily add before and after pictures of your work to your web site. It will create its own gallery, so your visitors can see the quality of your work. Showing potential clients before and after pictures can be an extremely effective sales tool, but maintaining a gallery can be a lot of work. Once installed, this script takes care of all of the HTML creation and linking requirements so that all you have to do is tell it where the pictures are, what they are of, and a brief description of what happened -- saving you time to work on more productive things.

Small Dynamic Gallery

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This gallery component allows you to quickly change every aspect of the gallery, such as;
1. Number of Columns
2. Number of Pictures in Columns
3. Width of Each Picture
4. Height of Each Picture
5. Spacing Between Pictures
6. Pictures are all pulled from images folder by name therefore very easily change out with other pictures.

Powerful Space Gallery - XML

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- Support any sizes of pictures
- support unlimited number of pictures
- XML driven
- All the pictures has a unique loader
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What can i set in the XML ?
You can set: Speed, Ease, Number of pictures, and picture name, url & dimension. Ease and speed for when you select a pictures and the others disappear

PJGallery: A Free Php Script For Displaying Image Galleries

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PJGallery is a simple, yet effective and fault-tolerant php script for viewing image galleries which can be easily tailored to your needs and integrated in your web site.
Among the salient features:
thumbnail pages can be integrated in a standard page of your site,
works in a single window (avoiding pop-ups),
pictures can be viewed with Javascript disabled (adequate for mobiles),
handles horizontal and vertical images,
no databases such as MySql (which simplifies the administration),
captions can be optionally attached to pictures and album descriptions are maintained in text files on the server, the display order of the pictures can be defined,
slide-shows can be triggered on user demand (Javascript enabled), the pause between running slides can be user-defined,
pictures load with a fading effect that can be parameterized...

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