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numbers in a column are not sorting ascending

numbers in a column are not sorting ascending

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I am working in an Excel 2007 spreadsheet and one very long column of normal numbers are not sorting. for Example:
Everytime I try to sort this ascending, it does nothing.

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Sorting Table of values into an ascending list

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am using Excel to help a charity project and keep an eye on donations we receive. As part of it I have a table which shows how many items we have in certain categories.
I would like to be able to take that table and create an ascending list of the items for our own information and so we know what we need more of and which we do not.
So if the table is a 10x10 grid of numbers, is there a simple way of taking this and sorting into a list and noting which cell that the value comes from (or even better getting and combing the appropriate value from the first column and row) so I can see what the item is? I have attached a part of the table as an excel document to show the layout and what I trying to sort into a list.
Any help would be appreciated as I know very little about Excel other than the basics sadly.

Weird issues with sorting ascending?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a column of 2 and 3 digit numbers. I usually sort ascending so the 300's, 200's, and 100's, etc., are at the top.
This time I did so and it is obeying my sort, except, it seems to be grouping them together by the start of the number instead of purely sorting.
I.E. at the top is 100's, then below that is 200's, then below that 70's, then 20's, in what order I can't tell but more or less the larger ones near the top but not necessarily. what is going on?

Sorting an Array of numbers

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I have a procedure that creates a 1 dimension array of random numbers that I need to sort into ascending order. The array could be as short as 10 numbers or could be 10,00, so speed may be an issue, but for the moment actually working is my main concern.
I used a function by J Offenbach that sorts them into order, but the array returned rounds the numbers to integers.
Does anyone have a function that does not convert the numbers.

Sorting a list of numbers

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have inherited an excel file with numbers across 100 columns and over 300 rows with several blank cells (likely 15%). I would like to format these numbers across 10 columns and however many rows are necessary, but without any blank cells, in ascending order down each column.
Can someone help me how to do this?

getting numbers divisible by 4 from random numbers in ascending order

Free: Yes
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one more problem, I have random numbers in column A, now in
column B I need the numbers that are divisible by 4 in ascending order in consecutive rows. could any body help me to solve this.

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Selectsorter: Sort select box options

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You can easily sort the items in the select box ascending (A-Z) and descending (Z-A). You can even ignore casing.
In the demo script, I have included a custom comparer function, which shows you how to randomize the content in the select box. This will make it easier for you, to build your own custom sorting mechanisms and extend the SelectSorter easy!

Sort Tables Columns using JavaScript

Free: No
Tags: JavaScript › Excel Sorting Data

Implementing a table sort, allowing the ability to sort a table by a column, is a common task and the most implemented solution is to send a request to the server for a new page containing the sorted table. Dynamic Table is a javascript table sort tool which uses javascript to allow client side sorting of your data tables.
With Dynamic Table you can make any data table sortable with just one javascript include and one call to an initialization function. After the call the table will can be sorted by clicking on any of the table headers. Because Dynamic Table sorts at the client side it removes unneccessary load on the server and reduces bandwidth usage while at the same time providing near instantaneous response times for the user.
As an added bonus Dynamic Table also allows the user to hide/show the columns they want to see. This can be a real boon in tables with many columns where only a small subset of the data is required.

AJAX data listings engine

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel Ajax Table and Datagrids

The system is written in PHP and can be used to list data in any mySQL table, all you do is specify the mySQL database details and the engine will automatically generate a data listings table as per the configuration.
The system supports AJAX column sorting and page listings and offers a search facility. The engine generates both AJAX and non-JavaScript versions of the data listings so older web browsers will still be able to use the column sorting, page listing and search facilities.

Flip Numbers

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Tags: Flash › Excel Random Text

This display allows you to show any number with style. It is easily and fully customizable:
change dimensions.
choose how many numbers visualize.
change the background color of the numbers.
change the numbers color.
change the distance between numbers.

Pointers to Functions

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Up to this point we have been discussing pointers to data objects. C also permits the declaration of pointers to functions. Pointers to functions have a variety of uses and some of them will be discussed here.
Consider the following real problem. You want to write a function that is capable of sorting virtually any collection of data that can be stored in an array. This might be an array of strings, or integers, or floats, or even structures. The sorting algorithm can be the same for all. For example, it could be a simple bubble sort algorithm, or the more complex shell or quick sort algorithm. Well use a simple bubble sort for demonstration purposes.

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