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How can I normalized my data to 1NF, 2NF and 3NF using excel.

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Data Normalization

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Tags: Access › Excel Database Design

This is meant to be a very brief tutorial aimed at beginners who want to get a conceptual grasp on the database normalization process. I find it very difficult to visualize these concepts using words alone, so I shall rely as much as possible upon pictures and diagrams.

Normalization of data

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I was wondering if anyone could help point me in the right direction.
lets say I have an array like this:
I don't want the 0's before the first number(>0) and after the last number(>0), so it should return .
any guidance would be appreciated im trying to do this kind of thing with a lot of data. and multiple columns. Thank you
please see attachment for what the data will look like and what I want the result to be

Description of the database normalization basics

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Excel Database Design

This article explains database normalization terminology for beginners. A basic understanding of this terminology is helpful when discussing the design of a relational database.

Relational Database Normalization Basics

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Normalization is the process of organizing data in a database. This includes creating tables and establishing relationships between those tables according to rules designed both to protect the existing data (accidental deletions or amendments) and to make the database more flexible by eliminating redundancy and inconsistent dependency.

Database Normalization And Design Techniques

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One of the most important factors in dynamic web page development is database definition. If your tables are not set up properly, it can cause you a lot of headaches down the road when you have to perform miraculous SQL calls in your PHP code in order to extract the data you want. By understanding data relationships and the normalization of data, you will be better prepared to begin developing your application in PHP. Whether you work with mySQL or Oracle, you should know the methods of normalizing the table schema in your relational database system. They can help make your PHP code easier to understand, easier to expand upon, and in some cases, actually speed up your application.

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