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Need to calculate monthly averages from daily values

Need to calculate monthly averages from daily values

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spreadsheet. I would like to have a formula or macro that computes the values for column B in sheet 2 of my spreadsheet. These values should be monthly averages of the daily values listed in column B of sheet 1. As an example, cell B2 in sheet 2 should = average(sheet1!B2:B23)

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Formula to calculate daily averages

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have an extremely large database with different rows that are transactions during the day. I need to create a formula that will will calculate the daily averages. Here is an example of what my database looks like.
Date Unit Invoice Price
I want a formula that puts the daily average on the last transaction on each day. So on the third row excluding headings I would like it to say 25 off to the right and on the 6th row 20.

Help with converting huge amounts of half hourly data to monthly averages

Free: Yes
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I'm no expert with excel and need to convert a lot of data to more manageable amounts so I need to convert it to a more manageable set.
With imagination is sort of what my spreadsheet is looking like now:
DateTime NEE Rg0 Rg1 Rg2 Ta1 Ta2 RH WindSpeed Precis NPP Resp GPP
22/10/2004 14:15 -5.01651 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN 4.4457 NaN -5.01651 NaN NaN
Arrays and pivot tables have me flummoxed so far.
A way to calculate hourly, daily or monthly averages would save my thesis!

Calculate Totals weekly and Monthly from daily Figures

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I needed some help with a production spreadsheet that it updated daily. I need to extract weekly totals (mon - Sun) from each worksheet (production, dispatch; returns and transferred to a weekly sheet and weekly consolidated into Monty:
I have attached saMple

Monthly averages help

Free: Yes
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I have a spreadsheet where I would like to average the monthly income in column E for only months entered ( lets say it only has listed up to march so far). But be able to include April if I add it and so on. If it is zero for the month I still want to include it on the average. Then have the sum of the monthly average multiply for yearly projection.
What formula would I use for Excel 2008?
Acme IncYTDFIN.xlsx

Need to create a monthly average for daily values for thousands of rows

Free: Yes
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I have attached a spreadsheet with data I need to manipulate. Essentially, I need to take the daily values and create an average value for each month and put this into column B of the 'monthly' spreadsheet. As an example, the first month is January of 1899. The value in cell B2 of the 'monthly' spreadsheet should equal the average of cells B2:B23 from the 'daily' spreadsheet.
I need help automating this as I have thousands of rows of data.

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