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Need to build Four quadrant graph

Need to build Four quadrant graph

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in building a four quadrant scatter chart for data in attached file.
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Quadrant mapping with conditional IF statment

Free: Yes
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I have two values corresponding to x and Y and I want to read them and decide what is the quadrant number in the Cartesian co-ordinate system.
I am using following logic
if x +ve and y +ve then quadrant is I
if x +ve and y -ve then quadrant is II
if x -ve and y -ve then quadrant is II
if x -ve and y +ve then quadrant is IV
I am calculating the angle in degrees based on the following formula
SO if the angle is 0-(+90) then it quadrant I
if the angle is +90-(+180) then it quadrant II
if the angle is -90-(-180) then it quadrant II
if the angle is 0-(-90) then it quadrant IV
I am seeking help to write a conditional IF on the set ranges as defined in the above logic but don't know how to do that
Any clues .? or may be a simpler logic ?

Quadrant Scatter Graph

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I've been through everything I can find and can't figure out how to create this. I have approximately 200 employees with two data points, response time and sales dollar amount, that I need to represent in a scatter chart. The scatter chart needs to include one "dot" for each employee rather than two - thought I did this with a series, but then the employee name doesn't show when you hover over the "dot", which my boss needs. Also need to show quadrant lines based on values I define (ie, response under 21% and sales over $8), not intersect at 0. However, need quadrant lines to be within chart, not move the existing axis. I've attached an example. I would greatly

Chart with Quadrants

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I need to produce a chart and I don't know the name of it so that I can search Jon's Excel graph site and get info here. Any help would be
I need a graph where the X and Y axis meet at zero in the middle of the graph with positive and negatives numbers on both. My plan is to use this chart to analyze data as to what quadrant it falls into, eg. Quadrant I would be if the product was positive on the Y axis but negative on the X axis. Q2 = positive on Y, positive on X Q3 = negative y and negative Q4 negative y
and positive x.
I located the instructions from Jon on how to color the quadrants. Any idea what this type of graph might be called so that I can see if someone else here had this problem? And last but not least, anybody know how to go about producing this type of graph.

How to create 4 Quadrant Chart in Excel 2003?

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There are 4 quadrant charts available on net. Similar to that how can we create 4 quadrant charts in Excel 2003 version?
If X axis represents Risk & Y axis represents returns in financial language,
then if we draw line at center of X axis & Y axis, then four quadrants will
be created with Quadrant details as below;
Bottom Left Quadrant : Low Risk & Low Returns
Top Left Quadrant : Low Risk & High Returns
Top Right Quadrant : High Risk & High Returns
Bottom Right Quadrant : High Risk & Low Returns

quadrant (perceptual) maps in Excel

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I was wondering if you could create a perceptual map (graph) in Excel. If
yes, how can I do that. I think, XY (Scatter) can be used.

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