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need a sum formula to only include visible columns

need a sum formula to only include visible columns

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I thought I knew how to do this formula, but apparently not
Starting from D6 to the end of the data (could be F6 or AA6) I need to sum the total, but only if the column is visible.

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Include Added Row in Sum Function

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This seems like it shouldn't be too tough, but it has me stumped.
I have numbers in A1 through A10, and a formula in A11 = SUM(A1:A10). If I insert a new row at row 10, the formula does not expand to include it.
How can the formula be written so as to include the new row? And I will need to copy it to other columns, so it would be best if it automatically adjusted to the column it is in.

Count of Visible Columns

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I need to place a formula in a cell that will tell me how many columns in a range THAT contain data are visible. If the cell has data but is NOT visible I do not want that in my count.
Someone suggested doing VBA code and displaying a message box but I need to result to appear in the cell in last column of the table that I am hiding and unhiding columns.

How to sum a filtered list by visible cells only?

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I have a table that I want to filter by a criteria. I filter the criteria by selecting by color. How do I get a simple formula like sum to calculate only the visible cells that I choose by this filter?

How can I easily update formulas that include new rows?

Free: Yes
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I have a worksheet that I use to update league baseball game stats on a daily basis. Each day as many as 13 new rows are added to the bottom. I then have to go to the top of 10 separate columns one at a time to update SUM
formulas so that they will include the new rows. For example, Col C may have a formula at the top of the col that reads: =SUM(C4:C300). After the
addition of say 9 rows, I have to manually change the formula to read: =SUM(C4:C309). Is there a way to type that 309 in a blank cell just once and
have all the SUM formulas refer to it?

auto update formula when inserting additional columns

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

Formula covers columns G through L = formula in column M Ex. =Sum(G1:L1) Insert columns M Thur S -- formula now in column T Ex. should read =Sum(G1:S1)
Column T Formula will not automatically update to include columns M through S
Version Excel 2003

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ASP Include File

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Although it is possible to use include files in ASP, I found that it was not possible to do so during runtime. VBScript seems to be lacking an include function. So I wrote these 3 functions: asp_html_include(), asp_vbs_include(), and vbs_include(). The reason for this is that I could not create a function that executed VBS AND displayed HTML.

vBMagazine : display a section of your site like a magazine

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vBmagazine allows you to display a section of your site like a magazine with more than 48 different included ways to choose from, with possibility to add hundreds more. vBmagazine will pull unapproved threads with at least one uploaded jpg for issue creation.
All threads posted in vBmagazine are automatically moderated and become visible when published. Why unapproved? Because if threads were to be selected without that, you could have thousands to choose from. Additionally what is the point of publishing an issue with articles that everyone saw? Also you could set issues month in advance and they will auto-publish at set time.
(You can select to include or not to include a zone in each layout. Additionally, you set how many columns per zone)
Create one or unlimited different magazines, each with unlimited issues.
Stage all articles in preset forums and select when to publish each issue.
Every issue can be unique with its own layout and style.
vBmagazine basic version provides for a front cover.

Audio Portal 02

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Tags: Flash › Excel Audio Players

Audio Portal 02 is a flex application which can be used to deploy online your music or podcasts. It is fully skinnable (using flex css) and customizable. It can be easily deployed without having any flex knowledge, by simply changing the xml data and logo images.
Features (xml based)
- columns can be defined (i.e.: you can create your own)
- playlists can be easily added
- columns can be made visible/invisible to the search logic
- search combo boxes linked to columns can be created/added

Advanced Keyboard Logger

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Advance keylogger include several integrated and powerful pc monitoring tools designed and developed to help companies /investigation agencies / educational institutions / and even parents to trace online and offline pc activity of end users.
Software tracks all system activities that include typed keystroke; windows screen shots, track clipboard, voice chat conversations, system date/time and different desktop applications. advance surveillance utility monitors entire internet activities that include browsed websites, online chat sessions, send emails and many more.

Cool xml driven Image Gallery

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One of my all time favourite galleries, dont miss this one! Place any kind of picture format (vertical / horizontal) and any kind of image size inside and images automatically scale to any monitor size.
Menu supports unlimited number of categories. If there is only a single category, menu will automatically be hidden. Define your own thumbnail layout and size. Mouse wheel support for scrolling thumbnails.
This is a very versatile yet easy to use and configurable AS3 image gallery with cool thumbnail navigation and image transition.
You can have as many images and thumbnails as you want. You can have images with different size and they will automatically resize and align themselves into the center of the browser to fit any resolution.
You can set the number of visible columns and rows to be displayed on the screen and thumbnail size over xml to fit any needs.
You just need to set thumb size over xml and thumbs will be automatically positioned in the columns and rows and aligned in the center of the screen.
The description text which appears on the top of each image is HTML formatted. Smaller images will stay untouched, and bigger images will get scalled down proportionally to fit into visible screen and all images will be centered into browser.
You can navigate the thumbs with buttons and with the mouse wheel. Thumbs are desaturated by default and they become saturated when you roll over them with your mouse. Little popup in front of the thumbs showing image names. Menu hides itself automatically on the left. Add multiple categories to the menu and it will automatically adjust its size to acommodate for all items.

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