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Multiple functions in one cell

Multiple functions in one cell

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Is there a way to write a formula that will leave a cell blank if a specified value is a positive number, but will calculate a percentage if the value is a negative number? I know how to write these formulas separately, but cannot seem to get it right bringing them together in one cell. Not sure if this is even possible.

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Using multiple IF, AND, VLOOKUP functions

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I have multiple columns and each cell in that particular column has further option of selecting a value from a Drop down list. Based on the values in the cells and combining it with cell value in other cells, I want to publish the final status which is fixed.i have tried using multiple IF and AND function but no success.Would request you to please help.Excel is attached here for reference.Sample Excel Problem.xls

Multiple Functions of a Cell

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I'm trying to use this spread sheet for purchasing fuel and to subtract the fuel tax from the pump price when I purchase fuel so if I type in cell B2 IL I want $0.43 to show up in Cell C2 but. If I type IN in cell B2 I want $0.16 to show up in Cell C2 and so on for all the States I buy fuel in =IF(C2="IL",0.43,0) if I type this in Cell C2 that is good for IL but I can't seem to do a multiple =IF in the same Cell

Multiple IF Statement

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I am trying to make a cell produce a value baed on the current value entered in a cell.
i.e. Cell A2 can have 4 possible numbers 1,2,3,4
Cell A1 should be either 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% depending on the
number selected 1 = 20% etc
How would I use a formula in cell A1 to produce this requirement. A multiple IF Statement possibly?

multiple math functions

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I am trying to multiple one cell by a set number and then I need to have the result rounded to the nearest tens. If the number ends with a 4 or less I need it to round to the lower tens. Example 8654, I need to have rounded to 8650. Also, if the number ends in a 5 or above I need it to round to the next highest tens. I have multiple rows to do this with so I was thinking of a if then statement but can't figure it out.

multiple Hyperlinks one Excel cell?

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Is it possible to enter multiple links in one Excel cell? I am using the function string rather than the GUI interface.

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