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Multiple Formulas in one cell

Multiple Formulas in one cell

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I need to enter multiple formulas in once Excel cell. I'm not even sure if this is possible but he are the formulas.
if f2<=400 and D3 is >= 16.67, then c3=16.67 and f3=f2-d3+c3.
the other formula is:
if f2<=400 and D3 is <= 16.67, then c3=d3 and f3=f2-d3+c3.

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I have 7 formulas in cells A1:A7 referring to another spreadsheet's cell A1. I would like to be able to copy the formulas down, so that the next 7 rows refer to A2, then the next 7 row A3 etc. I can not seem to get my formulas to copy appropriately. I need to get through to A500. Is there anyway of doing this?

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at all, I have two formulas I need to have in one cell, I do not know how to correctly put them together, please see below formulas.
=IF(C37="Daily Total",SUM(OFFSET($F$1,MATCH(MAX($G$3:G36),G:G,0),0,MATCH(MAX($G$3:G38),G:G,0)-MATCH(MAX($G$3:G36),G:G,0)-1,1)),"")

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I'm trying to come up with a formula that would provide me with multiple answers based on the value of another cell.
Here is an example:
If A1>640, then A15 = $0.00
If A1 is between 611 & 640, then A15 = $52.50
If A1 is between 581 & 610, then A15 = $78.75
If A1<=580, then A15 = $227.50
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I can make it work for single cell, but only if I use a jacked up chain of =IF formulas. And then it have to use 4 cells worth of formulas for each result cell.
I'm not sure if there is a formula to do what I want, but considering I tend to complete spreadsheets only because of pure luck, I thought I'd reach out for

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I am trying to sum two values that are defined in other cells as
"=SUM(N2,O2)" then within the same sell I would also like to rank those results. Can this be done? Here are examples of the formulas I would like to use in one cell if it can be done.

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