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Multiple cell drop down list

Multiple cell drop down list

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I'm a bit of a basic Excel user and need some help creating drop down list that will populate multiple cells. Attached is a example of what I have. On the first page, I need to populate the 3 cells in the middle with info from the second tab. I then need every row on the first tab to have this drop down.

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Show drop down list under multiple conditions

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I am in need of your big help!
I want the cell to generate drop down list if certain conditions are met.
To simplify, cell need to return a "list" if other cell 1 & cell 2 are true or equals to or contain specified"" text either from other list or values.
Please take a look at image below and help me!
12-27-2011 2-37-08 PM.jpg

How do you select multiple characters in a drop down list to appe.

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How do you select multiple characters in a drop down list to appear in one cell? Mainly, displaying multiple values or words after selecting more than one choice from the drop down box so they can be displayed in the one cell that the drop down box is located in.

Multiple drop list

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so be patient with me.
I know how to create a drop down list - see attached.
The first drop down list shows the horizontal values on "Food List" tab A1 through to I1.
What is want to do is this:
* When I select the first drop down list it shows me the horizontal selection.
* When I select the choice i.e. "Grains", it shows a second drop down list showing all of the vertical selection underneath that heading, i.e. C2 to C9.
How do I create this second drop down list?

Drop-down list connected to multiple formulas

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I am trying to figure out how to create a drop down list that is connected to multiple formulas. The basic way it will work is the far left column will have the drop-down list. There will be 6 columns to the right and every column will have a different formula. Every selection in the drop-down list will use a different set of formulas. Does anybody know how to do this? Let me know if I didn't explain this very well.

Select multiple option from a list and display in the same cell

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I have a multiple names in sheet 2 column 1 (approx 12)
I want to be able to select multiple items from a drop down list in sheet 1 and populate them all in one cell, separated by comma, or semi colon.
The drop list will also auto update if any name is later added in the sheet 2.

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This is a jQuery plug-in, which helps to make beautiful sliding drop lists available in 6 color schemes.

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Mega Menus refer to drop down menus that contain multiple columns of links. This jQuery script lets you add a mega menu to any anchor link on your page, with each menu revealed using a sleek expanding animation. Customize the animation duration plus delay before menu disappears when the mouse rolls out of the anchor.

CodePeople List

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The ComboBox can be configured to allow selection of multiple options, but in this case a list of options with CheckBox is much more intuitive for users.
CodePeople List transform ComboBox with multiple selection into a CheckBox list, and also to allow the incorporation of new options that are not part of the initial listing.

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- XML driven menus
- Supports multiple categories and unlimited items
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