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Moving X-axis in Excel Graph

Moving X-axis in Excel Graph

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Even when I change with the scale of the y axis (as I can't change the
scale/spacing for some reason of the x axis), my x-axis does not match up with y-axis in my Excel graph.
That is, it's like the first point of the graph is 1 spot to the right and the x-axis is 1 spot over to the left. So it's hard to see what data in the graph aligns to what month (x-axis).

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I am doing a line chart and have gotten stomp. I have looked through of couple of threads and wasn't able to figure out problem.
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The second x axis would represent temperature. The temperature plateau and eventually goes back to zero.
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clearly in the graph what can I do. I found the link that they do it by using broken graph but they did say anything about how to draw broken graph. can anyone please help me to do fix it out it.

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