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Move Rows To Another Worksheet Based On A Cell Value In That Row

Move Rows To Another Worksheet Based On A Cell Value In That Row

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I am very very new to macros, actually trying to teach myself with Excel 2010.
I currently have a Weekly Status report which contains data regarding category.description.yada Eada. I want to move the entire row to another sheet (within the same workbook titled "completed"), if the "Working Status" (column J) is equal to "completed".
Is there a code I can use to automate this function so I can avoid copy and pasting as I go?

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Excel 2003 - Move rows to adjacent spreadsheets based on cell criteria

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I'm creating a master worksheet of data of items sorted by teams. I would like to keep the master worksheet intact but when a specific team is referenced, I would like that row of data to automatically move from the master worksheet to an adjacent worksheet within the workbook that is labeled for that team. There are 5 teams in total so 5 worksheets to move the data too. The desired end result would be for each team manager to open this "live" shared workbook and update action items on their specific team worksheet. I'd also like to ensure that any dates and comments entered on the team worksheets would automatically update on the master worksheet. Can this be done? How do I do this with my lack of VBA knowledge?Regulatory Compliance Report - F2012.xls

How to move rows from one worksheet to another?

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In Excel, I was wondering how I can move all rows with "http" in them from sheet1 to sheet2 with a formula or macro? So in the attached, I want to move any row (including the ID, name, comment) with a comment that has "http" to sheet 2.
The workbook attached is just an example, but I have to do this on a larger scale, which is why I would like to know.

Move duplicate rows/records from one worksheet to another worksheet

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I have a new requirement with over 100 records/rows in Excel 2007.
Could you please assist with a macro that removes rows if there are matching URL's between Sheet 1 and "Delete company names" worksheets. E.g. if a matching URL name row/record is found within "Delete company names" worksheet then the entire row should be removed and placed (logged) into "Deleted companies" worksheet.
I have attached the spreadsheet with BEFORE and AFTER. Any questions please let me know.
I look forward to your assistance.

On opening a worksheet move focus to a cell based on date

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I would like to set focus on a cell row based on the date the worksheet is being pended as I am running a team diary for holidays etc and each time it is opened you have to scroll to find todays date in a column to look forward. I do have a cell shown todays date for reference. Can anybody help with this. Does it need an open macro or VB etc?

move rows to another worksheet

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On a stock control sheet once an item has been logged out (by date) I would like the entire row automatically moved to another worksheet. This would then collate all items logged out on a history worksheet and leave a current available list on the original worksheet.

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100% JavaScript
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DataTable or Data Grid

Display of data through DataTable facilitates data management: - The rows can be ordered by clicking on the header of the column that you wish to order by. - You can set your own table size: set width, height, or both. If you set the size, scrolling bars will be shown when the amount of data requires it. - For tables with a high number of rows: Rows can be separated in pages, thus allowing to move between pages; you can also change the amount of rows per page; - Each row in the table will show a column defined by user - either Delete the row, or Edit it. Packaged into a Dreamweaver extension. No hand coding needed.

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