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Matrix 2-Way Lookup

Matrix 2-Way Lookup

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I am trying to put the coordinates of values placed inside a matrix in increasing order. I have put the matrix values into a column in increasing order I am now looking for a formula that could return the coordinates of each values. I have plugged in an array formula that does return values that look like the coordinates I am looking for but in a special date format.
I have played around with the formula but had no success in obtaining the raw coordinates from it.
Attached is the example with the table of what I am getting and what I would like to get from this array formula.

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Matrix lookup UDF

Free: Yes
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I'm trying to create a UDF that will do a matrix lookup (pass in the table being used, the value to lookup in the first column and the value to lookup in the first row and return the intersection of the two). I'm familiar with using the "=index(match(),match()) style of matrix lookup, but I need a formula that's a little more user friendly for my less "knowledgeable" users.
Has anyone built anything like before, so that I can avoid reinventing the wheel and get back to work?
Using Excel 200 on win98, XP & 2K

Lookup Values from two different columns in a table matrix

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I am using Excel 2010 and wish to have a formula to lookup values from a table matrix depending on values in two different columns in the Sheet
I have attached a sample file.
I have come up with a formula but I am stuck half way.

Matrix data lookup

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Tags: Excel ›

I want to select a value from the cost matrix that you can see in the file "Cost Matrix.xlsx".
The way I need to do this is using the drop down menus that you can see below the matrix. In the drop down menus "Qty" and "Time" you can select any option from 10 to 200 for Qty and from Same Day to 4-week for Time.
Basically what I want to do is place a formula or something in the red-outlined cell (Cost) that shows the corresponding price based on both selections from Qty and Time.

lookup and return first...

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I have a problem which I can't solve. I have a matrix as follows
1 JJ 20/4
2 FD 17/4
3 JJ 18/4
4 FD 19/4
How can I write a code in column B below that return the first date that is in column B in the matrix above so at it looks as the matrix below.

Difficult lookup (?)

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I Have a matrix in Excel looking like this
[--] Code1 Code2 Code3 . CodeN
And a list like this
I like to compare the values; For example In matrix at Code 1/Code 1 = 1 compared to Code 1/Code 1 = 2 in the list. One possibility is add a new column in the list where the value looked-up in the matrix is placed.
How can I do this look-up in the matrix quickly?

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Dot Matrix Preloader Preloader 1 of the Ultimate Preloader 20 Pack. Bored of all the preloaders out there? Try out this unique and high quality preloader! This preloader is easy to customize and contains all the code needed to run! Just copy and paste the preloader to the first frame and youre done! You dont even need to add a stop() action! Its that easy! File includes the preloader shown in the preview. Opens with Flash 8 or higher.

Matrix Screensaver

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The classic green text matrix screensaver. The code uses no bitmaps and relied on the OS system fonts to paint the characters. With a bit of tweaking on the source code any character set can be used to display the streaming text and not only the simplified Japanese characters or Windows system font.

Subscription Forcedmatrix Script

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As you may already know, matrix programs have been very popular online and rapidly gaining popularity over the last decade. Now you can run your own matrix from your site and attract new members to pay a monthly subscription to join. With full flexibility, you set the monthly joining fee, and the commission payouts on each level down to 10 levels. The matrix can be up to 10 times wide, or as narrow as you wish. Either way, with the inclusion of matching bonuses, banner impressions, text ads and a huge download package on offer, your prospects will quickly decide to become members of your program. There's very little effort required to setup this script, and you can be launching within days of installation, and generating revenue!

egBusiness - The Complete Membership Management Software

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egBusiness is a complete feature script, which can be used for many kinds of online business such as Multi Level Marketing, Affiliate, Reseller, Member Get Member, Support System, Downline Builder, Force Matrix, Member Management etc...
Full integration with payment processor like Paypal, Alertpay, Safepay, Virtual Terminal, Liberty Reserve, Money bookers, Pecunix and various payment through Bank transfer.
egBusiness works with Multi-level, width and depth can be determined freely (nXn), Auto Recycle, Auto repeat matrix, unlimited number of download products, etc.

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