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Match value in one column and return value in same row in next col

Match value in one column and return value in same row in next col

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I have a a set of values in A1 through A100. I need to look up each value and find a match in another set of values located in C1 through C200. If a match is found then I need the formula located in column B to return the value in the same row but the next column over (D).
The formula located in B3 should find that the value of 125 (located in A3) matches the value in C2 and returns 10031 which is the value located in the next column over in the same row.

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match 2 columns and return value of another

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I would like to match col A with Col Q, for instance if there is 100 in Col A and Q, then I would like to return the value in Col I which represents the value for col A 100 in the same row. I hope this is clear. It would save me a lot of manual input.

match values in two column and return value in

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I want to look in two columns. I want to look in the first column for a cell that matches the data in another cell. And with that value, I want to find a blank value in the second column. Once it finds the row with this value, I want to return the value in column G of this row. Example:
Col A Col B Col G
TBD 1 200
TBD 1 X (This is where I want to look for the
value TBD 1
in column A and blank in Col B, so
it returns
the value 200 from column G)
TBD 2 100
Can you help with a formula?

lookup/match mult values

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SHEET 1: (lookup Values)
COL A - House #
COL B - Group Name
SHEET 2: (lookup Vectors & Array)
COL C - House #
COL D - Group Name
I want to use a lookup formula of some sort to match the row from Sheet 1 using information from Columns A&B.
Then match it with the rows in Sheet 2 that have the EXACT matching information in Columns C&D, and then return the value from Column E.
For example,
Sheet 1:
1486 Yellow2
Sheet 2:
1486 Blue1 97
1486 Yellow2 26
So I would like the return value to be 26 (not 97)

Vlookup for different columns in worksheet

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I have numbers in col A , which I would like to match in col E and if there is a match I want it to return that exact number in col M. Would it then be possible to return the values of that row Col F,G,H,I,J,K,L by copy across

If, Lookup, Match or a combination of all

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I have 1 excel spreadsheet with several worksheets. What I need to do is to take the value from 1 cell in one sheet look at a list of values on a second sheet and return the value but only if there is an exact match else I need it to return a 0. At the moment with Lookup it is returning a value that is the closest match.
Sheet 1
Column A Column B Column C Column D Column J
subtotal name title Code Value of Col B
from sheet 2
Sheet 2
Column A Column B
Code Value
I need it to look the value from column D in Sheet 1 and match it to the Code in Column A on sheet 2 and return the value of Column B to Col J in sheet 1 else return a 0

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- Insert or update rows from a list of fields and values
- Delete table rows that satisfy a condition
- Count records in a given table
- Check if a table record exists with a given field value
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