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Making part of the text in a cell bold

Making part of the text in a cell bold

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I've got the following piece of code to insert some text into a cell and I want to make the text for the variables only bold, any ideas how I go about this.
Cells(intRow, 1).Value = "Reporting Period " & Format(gdtePeriodFrom, "dd mm yy") & " to " & Format(gdtePeriodTo, "dd mm yy")

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Split cell - bold text and non bold text.

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here's the problem I have. I have a document with words and their translations, i.e :
der Anwalt,- e -solicitor
der Fahrstuhl,- e -lift
fliehen-to escape
Now the German part is in bold and the English part is not in bold, however all the words (English and German) are in one cell.
Is there some sort of way to split the cell depending on whether or not the cell is bold ?

Bold part of combined cell

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How do I format part of a cell bold that combined other cells?
I have combined strings from various cells into one cell. I just want one of the strings bold. How do I do that?

Determine font style of part of a string/cell

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I was wondering if there was anyway to determine if a particular segment of text (from a cell) is italic or bold?
The idea is that I test a cell's contents (all text) and when I reach a piece that's in bold I add and to the beginning and end of that piece of text and likewise with Italic parts.
I haven't been able to find a function nor write a vba function to do this yet?

Bold Text within a formula??

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Is it possible to put some kind of function within a formula that makes the desired text bold?
I don't want all of the cells text to be bold. Just certain bits.
However I don't appear to be able to find a bold function?

How to make certain text bold in a comment using vba?

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I need to figure out how to make certain text bold in a comment using vba. I'm making it so it adds a comment that looks like this:
I've searched other forums and none have helped. I need to do this in vba.

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a) Rich Text Editor is a multi-platform, compatible script..
b) Allows WYSIWYG HTML TextArea replacement.
c) Provides Advanced text editing.
d) Simple and easy to implement into any existing content management system or other web application.
e) No programming or javascript knowledge is required.
f) Just copy and paste the code to make use of the script.

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- Ability to format text using standard HTML tags such as the colour and size of text and also bold, italics, underline and hyperlinks via XML file.
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- Nice animation.

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