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Macro To Sort By Column Header Names

Macro To Sort By Column Header Names

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If I want to sort by 4 columns, I know I can do that by hand, but I wish to do this in a macro, and use the column headers (row 1 always) to name the columns to sort by. Possible to do in a macro. Example?

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Sort does not recognize the header row

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I encounter this problem in only one of my worksheets. Others are fine.
When I select the upper left data cell (a formatted date cell) the sort does not recognize the header row 1, even though the sort window is set to recognize a header row. The 3 options for the sort order hierarchy show the contents of the header row cells, not the column letters. It is as if Excel is selecting the column headers as the header row, rather that the first row of data.
I can get around it by inserting a blank row 2 beneath the header row, but I would prefer not to have to do this.
The header row is 58.5 height.

Sort macro with descending

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I'm trying to put in a macro that will sort the data in column G. what I have now is:
Sub SortMe()
Cells.Sort Key1:=Range("G1"), Header:=xlYes
End Sub
But, this sorts in ascending order and I need it to be descending with the highest on top? Is there a way to get it to reverse?
(I know I can manually sort but this will be a macro that is set to auto-run when the file is open so that's why I want it incorporated

Sorting Help:I click the header on the column

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I need to sort a table on 2 levels. I know exactly how to do this one time, but I would like to make it to remain a permanent option when I click the header on the column. Is there any way to do this? I would prefer to not have to use a macro button somewhere else.

Can I change Column Header Names?

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Can I change Column Header Names. What I mean to say that , We Have Generally Column Names A, B, C, D, . I would like to Change these names what ever I Want.

Is it possible to data sort names that are listed first, last by last, first?

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I am using the data sort button on the toolbar to sort the names in column A. They are listed first name, then last name (i.e. Adam Smith), but I want to sort them by Last name, First name. I copied the data into Excel from an external source, and it would not be prudent to re-type all the names in the proper format. Is it possible for the data sort function to look at the second name in the cell and sort alphabetically?

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