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Macro - Stop Recording toolbar

Macro - Stop Recording toolbar

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I click on macroeconomics new macro and the record macro dialog box appears. According to this link..., when I finish inputting the info into the dialog box and click ok, the Stop Recording toolbar should appear on the screen. But this is not the case for me. What settings should I change to allow this to happen?
I know alternately I can do viewtoolbarsVisual Basics.

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Stop Recording ToolBar dissappeared in my Excel WorkSheet?

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I used Macro function in Excel WorkSheet.But now the Stop Recording/Relative Reference Button ToolBar for Macro does not appear any more?Can someone help me restore this option again?

macro recorder

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Whenever I start to record a macro, the box comes up where you name it and assign a hot key. Once I hit "OK" that box disappears and a miniature box is left with just the STOP button for you to click to stop recording the macro. The other day I was recording a macro and instead of hitting the stop button, I accidentally hit the little X and closed that window all together.
Now whenever I record a new macro I have to go through the verb bar do the whole
This is not a major crisis - I know - but it is annoying the heck out of me now because I can't figure out how to get that little box back.

Excel macro recording window lost

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I accidentally closed this macro recording window from right corner of that window and now when I record new macro there is no Windows containing relative and stop recording button.
I have tried to return it and no success so my question is that how can I return the situation as it was I already tried to install office again but still I don't see this macro recording window when I start to recd new macro.
I know this is easy but I cannot solve this one

Recording new excel macro, relative reference button doesn't show

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When recording a new macro in excel I want to select the relative reference button in the stop recording box, but the stop recording box does not popup; it's no where to be found. Everything I've read on-line says it just appears, but it doesn't on my system.
It works fine on my co-workers machine, and he has the same system as mine.
We are both running Windows XP, with excel version 2003.

How do I get the macro tool boxes to display?

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I just updated to office 2003 and I am trying to record a macro. The
directions refer to "Stop Recording" toolbar. I see nothing that looks like
this on my workbook sheet.
I feel like a nut, but could someone

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