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Lottery function - how to randomly select cells

Lottery function - how to randomly select cells

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how to create function to randomly select names

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What is the function to randomly select a cell, like for lottery?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Using Excel, I have a list of names and I need to randomly select one at a time. How do I create the function to do this?

what can I do to randomly select cells that contain text?

Free: Yes
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I have a spreadsheet of text cells . I wish to randomly select a specified number of cells from a specified column . what must I do to accomplish that random selection?

Randomly Choose Cells from Colum/Row

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm trying to randomly select multiple cells from a column to be evaluated. for example, say I have a column
of 10 cells. I'd like this function in another cell to select 3 cells from the 10 at random.

How do I randomly select cells regardless of cell content?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm attempting to unconditionally and randomly select cells in a spreadsheet

Select from a list

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

does anyone know how to get excel to select randomly from a list of values.
lets say A1=Dave, A2=Gaz, A3= James, A4=pete.
is there are function that can select one of the four names randomly?

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Retweet and Win: Twitter Lottery

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Nowadays most companies invest in Social Media. Some take it to the next level and have ‘Retweet and win competitions’.
This script can help you by selecting a random follower or selecting a user that retweeted a tweet.

Randomly shown circle

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Randomly shown circle random / circle / fade in / fade out / text / flash / glint
Features include:
* circle effect are generated randomly
* You can change the density of the circles
* Background are constantly moving without stop
* Small file size, only 4k

Set value of select without knowing its value

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This JavaScript function allows you to set the value of a select tag without having to know its position in the list. In the sample, type in a letter of the alphabet and then click on the find button.

NFL SuperBowl Squares

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Are you ready for championship football? With this free scripts, you can start running an NFL Super Bowl Squares for your office or group of friend in just a few minutes, provided that you have some good knowledge and access to PHP and MySQL. It's the paperless way to have fun with the traditional superbowl squares.
Features: user can select as many squares as wanted; email will send out to confirm; admin will confirm when payment is recieved. Randomly select numbers when all squares are taken. Easy admin setting for each square's bet, percentage payout per quarter


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- Dynamically generated Item List from XML file
- Hover Tooltips with HTML -tag formatted text
- URL or function call on press
How to use:
Just open the XML file and add your pictures, descriptions and URL links.

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