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lookup date in range and return value

lookup date in range and return value

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I officially hate dates and time in Excel. This is probably simple, but it's giving me a headache:
I have a list of dates in dd/mm/yy format with a corresponding value, e.g. (col. A dates and col. B values)
If I get an invoice dated, for example, 15/03/2011 (say in cell D1) I would like to be able to lookup the month and year in the original list and return its value - in this case 30.

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lookup and return a value based on a range

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I want to place a formula in cell K2 that looks up the value calculated in cell J2 and compares it to the range of data in cells B9:C20. It then returns a result from cells A9:A20 based on the range. In this example, 24.9 should return a value of 1.5. The example in the second line, 49.9 should return a value of 3.0 in cell K3.
I have tried lookup, but it fails when I use a range.
Using excel 2010

Index within date range

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm trying to return a value in column a depending on if a date value is within a range of dates in columns b and c.
1 Period Start Date End Date
So, I want to lookup a value and find out which date range it falls between and return the value from the same row in column A.

left lookup

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am trying to lookup the text that sits in the column to the left of a range of dates. Basically I want to find the most recent date (currently using =max) from the date column and return the text immediately to its left. I think I need to use the left lookup function but am new to Excel do is a bit beyond me! I want to return the data in column E of 'Master' worksheet.
Spreadsheet attached, see worksheet '001' E1:F19 for data range

need help with lookup formula

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I am trying to enter a formula that will return a specific number for a range of numbers.
I know that if I have between a range of items, that I need to return a specific number for that formula. if the number is between 0 and 53 it needs to return a 4, if the number is between 54 and 65 it needs to return a 5 and so on.
I tried using lookup and choose, but I get errors in the
formula.this is the formula I used.
=LOOKUP(E45,{53,65,77,89,101,113,125,137,149,161,1 73},
E45 is the cell with the calculated value that now needs to be checked to return the number I am looking for.
in this case, E45 has a 35 in it, so the formula should return a 4, but instead I get a #N/A

Date range multiple lookup

Free: Yes
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I have attached excel sheet with sample data.
I have selected particular date (c1) from date range. (Date: 01/03/12 which falls under block c1)
Now I want to select the rate (8) from c1 as well as number of days (504) from days range and block range, so the answer comes to 8 justifying both the conditions. (Cell D16).
Note: I am very new to this forum and even I don't know how to search previously solved issues. So please help me to solve this issue.

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Date icon component

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- Language
- and much more!!!

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