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Lookup 2 possible values within INDEX/MATCH function.

Lookup 2 possible values within INDEX/MATCH function.

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Have a formula that works fine.
Problem has arisen that calls for looking for 2 possible values in the range. The formula is posted below:
Composite $C$3:$C$534 (at the end of the formula)
If I could modify that range to include both "Red", or "Blue" in that column it would work. .
modify the cell to be looked up ($Q3) to include "Red" or "Blue".
=IF(ISERROR(INDEX(Composite!$J$3:$J$534,MATCH(1,(AD$2=Composite!$A$3:$A$534)*(AD$1=Composite!$E$3:$E $534)*($R3=Composite!$D$3:$D$534)*($Q3=Composite!$C$3:$C$534),0)),"",INDEX(Composite!$J$3:$J$534,MA TCH(1,(AD$2=Composite!$A$3:$A$534)*(AD$1=Composite!$E$3:$E$534)*($R3=Composite!$D$3:$D$534)*($Q3=Com posite!$C$3:$C$534),0))
TIA for any ideas on this.

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