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Lead Time Calculation

Lead Time Calculation

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I want to calculate process time based on the information below:
We have a 10 Hour day and work 4 days a week Monday through Thursday.
Our day starts at 6:30am and ends at 17:15pm.
We have lunch between 11:30am to 12:15pm.
How can I get the actual processing time in minutes on a unit that was processed on the information below?
Start Date/Time = 1/4/06 , 13:10pm
End Date/Time = 1/10/06, 08:00am
I already created the NETWORKDAYS function to get rid of weekends and Fridays on the spreadsheet.

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Lead Time Formula

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I'm after your expert help again please, I'm trying to work out the 'lead' time in HH:MM between two dates and time.
However, I'm struggling with the date change.
If the created date and time is 19/06/2011 at 10:00 and load date and time is 21/06/2011 at 07:00, I want my formula to calculate the time difference.

Leadtime Calculation

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I have two fields: one it start date+time and end date+time and would like to find the lead time in days and hours. In the past I tried End Date - Start Date but not with time. Can someone advise the way to achieve it.

Lookup according to current month & lead time

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I have a cell with the following format:-
All works fine, but I would now like to change the L$8 to a specific according to the no. of months we wish to plan forward.
On the PLANNER! spreadsheet I1 column header is July 2011, J1 column header is August 2011 and so on.
In July 2011, assuming a 90 day lead time I would take the detail from L$8 as this is October 2011. I would like to put a number in cell C2 to represent the number of days lead time and this would dynamically change the formula to return the number in the appropriate column instead of it being fixed to 90 days.

Filtering and Copying

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I have a large list of parts in a spreadsheet. I want to be able to filter by a word for example motor. When all the motors come up I want to be able to enter the lead time in a column for example and then drag it down so that all motors are labeled with the same lead time. However, when I do this it seems to copy on to all cells that are filtered out or hidden. What do I need to do here?

calculate a date X number of days before/after given date

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I need to calculate set amount of days before a given date, and then set amount of days after a given date so users can input account information in correct time frame. Eg, always 21 days before project date or always 10 days after project end date = Project Lead up time & follow up time
I believe I need to use something akin to the WORKDAY calculation but company always has a 7 day week and I do not know how to "include any and all days" in the calculation - 24/7 365
I am a very "newbie" Excel user! Is there something I can use "easily"? Any assistance is truly appreciated I did look through the postings, and also in Google but it all went a bit over my head. :0)

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Script allows developers to easily embed the functionality of calculating end time from a given start time and span into in 1/2 hour increments.
REQUIRES Cold Fusion 5.0 or MX to run- Uses "CreateTimeSpan" to translate both start time and time span into minutes. That way only a simple addition is required to determine end time.-"TimeFormat" is then used to return the start time and end time back to a HH:MM based time format.-Several of the "TimeFormat" formatting options are provided with this script.


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This is an incredible lead capture system that allows your site visitors to take quizzes on anything you wish for points, they are then forwarded to the CPA Network of your choice through your affiliate link to signup and qualify for prizes.
Our CPA Lead Machine will come preloaded with a bunch of TV show trivia to get you started, but you can install this script on as many domains as you want over and over again, to run trivia games in any niche that you choose. Run a site dedicated to nothing but Monster Trucks, another dedicated to Baseball, how about dogs, or current events? The possibilities are endless on how many sites you can setup!

ASP Comprehensive Affiliate: DIGIAFFILIATE

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DIGIAFFILIATE is a comprehensive Affiliate Program Management Software, offering Commission per sale or per lead and per click, 2-Tiers of commission, a banner manager (upload without dll), and customisable interface ... The system gives you full online access to banners, text links, logos and real-time reporting.
Key advantages of DIGIAFFILIATE are:
Quick and easy to implement
3 types of commissions: Fee Per Click; Fee Per Lead; Commission Per Sale
Upload Banners Manager (without dll)
Payment & Commission History
Real-time Statistics Reporting
Designed to integrate with your website or application

#Calculation Component

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#Calculation component is a powerful calculation engine for your applications. This ActiveX component integrates expression parsing and evaluation. It supports conventional math, string, date&time, logical operators and functions. It can also support Matrix and Array operations (just like MATLAB), comments, different numerical systems and custom functions in expressions. The powerful calculation ability, diversity of functions and different modes of operation give you power and flexibility.

Retrieve search words from the referrer

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This class can be used to retrieve the search words entered by an user in a search engine site that lead the user to the current page.
The class can parse the HTTP_REFERER CGI variable if present. Then it can detect which search engine site lead the user to the current page, and extract the search words.
Currently the following engines are supported:
- Google
- Yahoo/AllTheWeb
- Bing
- Ask/AskJeeves

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