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Largest and Smallest number

Largest and Smallest number

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I have small problem.What I have to write in VB language to got
smallest and largest number from variety number .
For examples : num: 2 4 55 342 2 54 14 largest:342 smallest :2

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Find Smallest and Largest.

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I have a column of random numbers and need to find the smallest, second smallest, third smallest, third largest, second largest, largest and highlight these numbers with different font colors.

Sort Largest to smallest automatically

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I have a spreadsheet where I would like to sort largest to smallest automatically as the numbers are updated. Column A is the name and Column B the number.
Example attached

Is it possible to customize the autofilter dropdown list?

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I have one column, which contains number from 1 to 5. And if I show the autofilter dropdown list, it will look like:
sort smallest to largest
sort largest to smallest
sort by color
Clear filter form
Filter by color
Number filter
(select All)
Is it possible to add the description to all the numbers in the dropdown list? For example,
sort smallest to largest
sort largest to smallest
sort by color
Clear filter form

Automatic Sorting?

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I have a worksheet.
Row 1 contains column headers
Row 2 is blank
Rows 3 through row 548 contain data in columns A through W
First sort condition: Column F, smallest to largest
Second sort condition: Column B, smallest to largest
Third sort condition: Column A, smallest to largest
The number of data rows changes constantly - can range from 300 to 600 (or more) rows.
How can I sort the data automatically?

Order numbers from smallest to largest

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I have a list of random numbers in column A, in column B I would like the number 1 to show up next to the lowest number in column A. I can't use sort because each random number is in a group of 3 rows that I need to keep together. I am looking for something like this, A containing the random number, B containing the order of the numbers in column A.
Does anyone even know if this is even possible?

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Smooth Button Zoom Animation w/ dynamic CSS & text

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This button effect has the following features:
- Loads an external css file and external text file to allow for easy editing. ie. its setup so the textbox text can be styled and the content can be updated without having to open Flash
- Programmatically animates a shadow over time
- Uses embedded fonts in CSS file declarations
something thats tricky to get working with formatting like Bold, Italic etc
- Uses a lo-res version and a high-res version of the images (bottles) and automatically swaps them out so that their smallest and largest sizes are displayed at correct times in order to avoid scaling distortion
- There are several parameters like xPos, yPos, start and end scale, spacing, rotation etc than can easily be experimented with

Interactive US Radar map

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You can use this map to show the largest US cities, or if you have a big company you can show your head office and branches.etc
+ You can simply add/remove any city.
+ You can change the color of a city simply by changing its tint.
+ You can increase/decrease the speed of the radar by changing the frame rate of the flash file Or change the number of frames of the radar.
+ you can choose to open the target URL in the same web page using this code _self OR to open it in a new web page _blank.

Google Analytics Geo Explorer

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Google Analytics provides its users with a lot of useful statistical data, including detailed data about the geographical distribution of site visitors.
GeoExplorer uses this data to get very detailed, flexible and interactive presentations of the distribution of your site visitors around the world. You can zoom in on even the smallest town.
This presentation will be made with the Free Map24 Ajax API.

JavaScript Open Source Scripts

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JavaScript is a scripting language most often used for client-side web development. JavaScript is used in millions of Web pages to add functionality, validate forms, detect browsers, and much more. Although best known for its use in websites (as client-side JavaScript), JavaScript is also used to enable scripting access to objects embedded in other applications. Open Source Scripts offers the worlds largest collection of open source JavaScript applications, programs, examples and downloads.

Moneybookers for Magento

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Moneybookers is an all in one payments solution that enables a merchant to accept debit and credit card payments, bank transfers and the largest range of local payments directly on your website.
- Widest network of international and local payment options in the world.
- One interface including payments, banking and marketing.
- Direct payments without the need for direct registration.
- Moneybookers stands for a highly converting payment gateway that turns payment processing into a simple, fast and customer friendly operation.
- Highly competitive rates.

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