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Keeping Formatting from Excel to a CSV file

Keeping Formatting from Excel to a CSV file

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When converting an XLS file from Excel to a CSV file format, it will not allow me to keep column formatting. I have a requirement to keep multiple "0's" in a field that, in Excel, is allowed by changing the format from General or Number to Text. When I save as a CSV, it will change "00" to a single "0". I need to keep the multiple "0's" to import into a program that will only accept the CSV file format. Any suggestions on how to keep multiple zeros in a column?

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Keeping cell number format when converting from Excel to .CSV

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I have files that need to be uploaded to our operational software using the .CSV format. When I receive the initial file, it is in excel format and thus needs to be converted. Problem is that some of the cells being uploaded contain characters saved as a "Text" formatted cell and are converted to whatever excel thinks it should be when changing to .CSV.
For example. A cell could contain 3981-5-19 and with a cell format of "text". When the file is converted to .CSV, the cell now would read 5/19/3981 or 19-May. I need the original formatting to stay when I convert the file, otherwise the item isn't recognize in the .CSV upload to our operational software.

Keeping lead zeros in excel text format when saving as CSV file

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I am working in excel and need to import into Sage. I can create the CSV file that is required but I lose the leading zeros from certain text columns/fields when I convert to from excel to CSV (for example 025 becomes 25). How can I overcome this. If I edit the CSV file in Notepad will this do the trick. If it does, this will be OK for the odd item, but I may need to do it for hundreds of items in the same column/field and this is impractical

can a .csv file be formatted?

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I have had to place all my information from a word document to a csv file.
However, I notice that the formatting is not saved and the content appears in lines without any line or para breaks. The formatting is very important in the project. Each time I try to reformat, it goes back to the "non-formatted" look. Does anyone know how I can save the formatting options in a csv file?

CSV File - Need to Keep Formating

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I have a CSV file that I paste data into to is uploaded to a server.
Column 1 is titled "EmailAddr_" is where I paste email addresses to.
Column 2 to titled "ExpireDate_" is where I paste a date and time. It looks like this:
I formatted column 2 to text so it doesn't get reformatted to something else.
When I try to save the file, Excel tells me that " the filename may contain features that are not compatible with CSV (comma delimited). Do you want to keep the workbook on this format?
When I reopen the file, my formatting is lost and column 2 is displayed like so:
*Wont let me upload a CSV file, so its a zip file

Saving numbers with decimals as CSV

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when saving an XLS file as CSV, it's not keeping the decimal places intact. I need a CSV file with 2 decimal places(ie: .00). Any ideas on why this is happening?

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Import csv data into mysql

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This script is useful mainly if you dont have phpmyadmin, or you dont want the hassle of logging in and prefer a few clicks solution, or you simply are a command prompt guy.
This script will allow you to import csv data into your database. This comes handy because you can simply edit the appropriate fields, upload it along with the csv file and call it from the web and it will do the rest.
It allows you to specify the delimiter in this csv file, whether it is a coma, a tab etc. It also allows you to chose the line separator, allows you to save the output to a file (known as a data sql dump).

Csv to Xml Converter

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Convert a csv file of any size to a xml document. The xml document format can be edited using settings in the class.

fdf-Converter: PDF to CSV

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df-Converter is a desktop application which creates CSV files from your PDF form data, and gives you and your company the ability to quickly turn your useless data into a data mine (like Excel, Access) of valuable information. How does that work? You simply have to select a FDF or PDF file or directory with unlimited numbers of FDF / PDF files and fdf-Converter will convert all of them to CSV file format. You want all data imported to a certain spreadsheet? No problem. With some few clicks you select an unlimited number of FDF / PDF files graphically and organize data import to one single file.
For you can call up fdf-Converter from other applications or via parameter passing you are able to process FDF / PDF files to different data formats in series - automatically!


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Tags: PHP › Excel Backup MySQL

This class can be used to dump MySQL tables into compressed CSV files.
It can query the values of the records of the tables of a given MySQL table and generate CSV files with table contents. By default it dumps all database tables, but it can exclude a list of given tables.
The class can gather all dumped CSV files and compact them in a ZIP archive.

AJAX Newsletter Signup with Admin and CSV Exporter

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- AJAX based Newsletter subscription Form with Customizable Auto responder
- Enable/Disable Auto Response using ‘Config’ file
- Client side validations
- Uses standard PHP server features.
- Uses MYSQL for maintain subscribers in the database.
- User Friendly Subscription viewer.
- CSV exporter included! You can export newsletter subscribers to CSV file
- Can be used to import into your CRM .
- Self commenting code. Highly understandable!
- Comprehensive Search option in the admin (new)
- and many more...

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