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Is there an opposite function to "Concatenate" in Excel?

Is there an opposite function to "Concatenate" in Excel?

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Have downloaded data with first and last names lumped together in one cell. Is there a way to have excel split the first and last name into two separate

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How to Fill Series with CONCATENATE function in the cell

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I need to fill a series of cells down when the CONCATENATE function is in the cell. I want it to keep the column refs and advance the row refs.
1st cell contains:
=CONCATENATE(CONCATENATE($C$4," ","(",$B$4,")"))
2nd cell:
=CONCATENATE(CONCATENATE($C$5," ","(",$B$5,")"))
so I want the next cell to read:
=CONCATENATE(CONCATENATE($C$6," ","(",$B$6,")"))
I'm kind-a low intermediate level hack.
the clock's ticking dude.

Opposite of match function

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I need a formula that returns the header of the column that does NOT contain a certain text.
This is what I managed =INDEX(E1:G1, MATCH("n/a",E2:G2,0)).
Which basically gives me me the opposite of what I need.
Note. There is only one cell that does not contain the text "n/a".


Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I found an effective use for the Concatenate function, but it appears that I've reached the maximum number of arguments. Using this:[CODE][=CONCATENATE(C4," ",I6,"",C8,"Z"," ",C10,"KT"," ",C12," ",C14," ",C16," ",C18,"/",C20," ",C22," ","RMK"," "," ",C24," ",B45," ",B47,B48)/CODE] I get the error "More arguments have been specified for this function than are allowed in the current file format". It works fine if I remove B48 from the list. What am I missing or doing wrong? Thank you Brenda.


Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm using the Concatenate function to return a date. My problem is that for days that have single digits, I need it to be 01, 02, etc. How can I make this work. Here is my formula:
IF(LEFT(T$19,2)="FY",S$20,IF(LEFT(T$19,2)="CY",S$2 0,IF(VLOOKUP(RIGHT(T$19,3),$I$25:$J$41,2,FALSE)=MO NTH($K$44),CONCATENATE(T$19,".",DAY($K$44)),EVTIM( $D$79,CONCATENATE(EVTIM($C$17,T$19,1),".","01"),-1))

"Find Most Opposite" Function?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Is there a way to search for a row that is "most opposite" to another row?
For instance, if the values in the "initial row" were 2 in column A, 2 in column B, and -2 in column C, I'd want to find the "most opposite" row where
column A might read -2, column B might read -1, and column C might read 2 (as
opposed to a "similar" row where column A might read 2, column B 1, and

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DateTime Widget Web 2.0

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Tags: Flash › Excel Date and Time Widgets

This is a very easy to use date widget whose skin can be customized just by calling <dateWidgetInstance>.setWorkingSkin(workingSkinNumber) (1 for gray skin and 2 for blue skin). The date is taken from a list of items in an XML file, each item having its own date and time tag. If the first tag in the XML file is <displayCurrentDate>yes/no</displayCurrentDate>, the displayCurrentDate function is called and the date widget displays the current date of the computer accessing your web page.
The date in the XML file should be in the following format: and it is shown with "st", "nd", "rd", "th" trailing.
Among the key features :
- XML driven
- Cool graphics
- Easy to customize
- Possibility to show/hide the clock
- Choose between to skins or easily make your own skin
- Nice "st", "nd", "rd", "th" display manner and postmeridian/antemeridian clock.

XML Image Slideshow V3

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Slide Shows

1. Transform effect when load image
2. Unlimited number of pictures
3. Customizable thumbnails' position in XML, set "left" and "top".
4. Customizable thumbnail's size in XML, set "width" and "height" (according to the size of your thumbnail)
5. Customizable thumbnail's border in XML, set "width"
6. Customizable number of thumbnails per page in XML, set "perPage"
7. Customizable distance between thumbnails in XML, set "space"
8. Customizable slider position in XML, set "left" and "top"
9. Customizable preloader in XML, set "left", "top", scale and opacity
10. Customizable caption content text size, color, etc in XML; just set HTML in XML.
11. Easy to insert this gallery in to other Flash. Just set contents_width and contents_height (also in XML) to the flash size you pbulished then call loadMovie function, ex. loadMovie("ImageSlideShowProforArtist.swf", yourSquare);
12. Customize flash size in XML and html.
To use Flash instead of images - just like image, set path of swf for the image_big parameter.

Neat visual effect based on "dots"

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Effects

Dots 1.0 is a neat visual effect based on "dots" that react to mouse movement by avoiding the mouse cursor. "Dots" can really be any movie clip you'd like to use. You can have as many or as few "dots" in your flash project as you like, and they can be dropped anywhere on the screen (they're arranged in a circle for the example file).
Editing Dots 1.0 is simple. All the important code is contained within the library item "Dot". "Dot" has a "Graphics" layer that can be edited freely to customize the look of your "Dots". "Dot" also contains an actions layer which contains all the code.
There are two "Dot" variations in this example ("Dot" and "Dot2" in the .fla's library). One uses a special effect (see OPTIONAL EFFECTS section inside the actionscript code), the other is simply a tiny white diamond with no effects.
Watch out if you use a whole bunch of dots with lots of alpha or other effects, as this can quickly eat CPU usage and slow down your movie.

Christmas eCard

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel E-Cards

To change the main copy: double click the movieclip on the "header" layer. First layer of this mc is the "seasons greetings". Second is the "your text here".

ScrollWars Text Animation

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Text Effects

THIS IS AN "XML" DRIVEN AUTO SCROLLING TEXT EFFECT Especially For Your Banners. XML File is very easy to update, simply write your text to XML file and let it scroll.
You will need flash cs4 or higher only if you want to change the background. Here are the values you can change through XML , without opening Flash:
You have four options for alignment of your text: "left", "right", "center", & "justify".
You can easily adjust whole textFields "textColor", "textSize", and "textFieldWidth" values.
You can set textFields "textScrollDuration" to fine tune your scrolling animations duration.
The speed of "Fade-out" effect of your text, and the speed of textScrolling is also adjustable through XML .
RotationX (3D x-axes angle) value of the textField is alterable with ease.
Of course, you can have a link too.Just write it down to XML File, Or you can simply switch it off.
And finally you can use "CDATA" tags to format text severally with some basic HTML properties.
A very descriptive help file included.

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