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Inserting last save date in cell

Inserting last save date in cell

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how I can have the date of the last save automatically populate in a cell? I can do it in the footer but need to actually have it in the body of the spreadsheet to advise people of the last time the spreadsheet was updated.

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Inserting date range in a cell?

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Does anyone know how to insert a date range in a cell that is based on your computers clock. I want to use something like the =today() function, but I want it to be for the current week. Any ideas, or is this not possible?

inserting todays date in another cell

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In excel 2010 how do I enter todays date in a cell other than where the formula to add todays date is. For example: the formula =Today() is in A1 but I want the date to be displayed in C3.

Inserting current date

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When cell b25 is populated by a macro, I would like for cell d25 to automatically enter the current date based on the population of cell b25. I would also like for that date to remain constant and not change when someone opens the form. Is it possible to create a macro to perform this function or is there a formula that I can put in cell d25?

When inserting date , how do I have the month spelled out

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When I want to insert a date in a spreadsheet or document, I do not have the option of having the month spelled out as is typically done in a
letter--rather the month of June is represented by the number 6. How can I have the spelled-out format available in the pull down when inserting a date?

inserting date modified in sheet.

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I'm using a shared spreadsheet as a scheduler. I need to be able to add the date someone was scheduled (date entered in the schedule not the date they are scheduled for) as well as by who. I would like these to auto populate. I'm sure there is a way its just beyond me.

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pdf-FormServer - Fill and Save PDF Forms

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Save your PDF form to disk and open it again without loosing your entries.
Who has not come across the situation: You complete a PDF form in Acrobat Reader and when it comes to saving your data, nothing happens. Or worse: You close the program and all your data is lost. The reason for this is: Acrobat Reader cannot save any form field data! This is not only time consuming but also very unpleasant.
pdf-FormServer eliminates this problem in a very easy way! Once this software solution has been installed, all filled out PDF forms can be saved locally either as FDF, XFDF (for further electronic processing) or directly to PDF. No need to mention that all forms that have been filled once can be read again with the included data and also altered at a later date or send by email.

HackerCatcher - Catch hackers script with Admin Panel

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HackerCatcher is a complete system (with admin panel) designed to catch if someone is trying to hack your page and save his data: IP, String (with the one that tried to hack), date, file, details about the hack, and more.
The features are:
- Can catch XSS /SQLi
- You choose what inputs to listen and catch hacks
- All the hacks detected are saved into database (of course, escaped)
- You can receive an email if someone is trying to hack your page
- In the admin panel, you can see a details about the hack (date, ip, string, type of hack,...)
- If hack is detected, will be saved in the database and send you an email (if you want), then, with a funcion, you can set what more to do! (Example: Block the page to the user)
- In the admin panel, you can choose if you want to receive email or not
- If there were problems while inserting the hack in the database, you will receive an email with the hack details and the problem

Online Invoice Software

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Invoice Suite Enterprise is a great web based billing / invoice creator software for any australian businesses. Whether you're sending bills for your professional services, running a retail store, invoicing customers for repair work, or running an Internet business, Invoice Suite Enterprise can simplify your billing and save you time and money. You don't have to be - or hire - an accountant to use Invoice Suite Enterprise. You create account online and increase your productivity immediately!
Invoice Suite's simple, intuitive interface makes taking care of your invoice a breeze. Save time and money with online invoice management. Invoice Suite Enterprise makes it easy to set and trace invoices, and keep you up-to-date on the invoices' due date.

AceCalendar : Calendar and Date Picker

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AceCalendar is a versatile cross-platform and cross-browser compatible JavaScript calendar and date picker that comes with a cross platform browser-based AceCalendar Builder to configure, save and load your calendar settings. It is easy to configure and integrates seamlessly into your web forms. Supports popup calendar interface and unlimited calendars on one page. Interface functions are also available for advanced users.

AlfaUngzipper: Archiving web-documents and site-movements

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AlfaUngzipper - the tool for archiving web-documents and site-movements (file transfer to other host, for example to free hosting powered by cPanel 11 and Fantastico). AlfaUngzipper Code stably functions with any up-to-date operating system and permits to pack and unpack a backup site on any operational system with a web server and PHP 4.3.2 and higher (zlib library is required). AlfaUngzipper packs text documents, such as scripts, html-documents, etc. quite good.
The reasons to create AlfaUngzipper were:
inability to make backup site on free hosts,
the necessity to reduce the size of a site when loading a server.
AlfaUngzipper allows to:
compress sites in 2-8 times,
save structure of a site or its parts,
save the right of access to files,
to unpack backup site with certain rights for directories, files and groups of files,
change the rights of access to the entire site,
save time and money as a result of site compression.
AlfaUngzipper has a graphic convenient interface, supports additional design.

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