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Insert Current Date on a Sheet 1 Tab

Insert Current Date on a Sheet 1 Tab

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I have been trying to put a macro in place that will rename Sheet 1 tab to the current date, every day, in many different new workbooks created daily. I know the function =TODAY() however I can't seem to get that function to take on the tab itself. I see that you can Insert an Excel Macro on the tab, but I don't know how to create this either. I can get the Tab to read Macro1 - but then I don't know how to write that Macro.

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Time insert that works with formula

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Here's my problem. We have a sheet we use for shipments and we basically want to say if the date is less then current date say late, and if date is later than current date say on time, and, if date is equal to current date and current time is less than 12:00pm say on time otherwise if current time is past 12:00pm say late. I have a formula working for the first 2 arguments but the time portion is puzzling. If I use ctl+shift+enter as my "current time" in a cell and reference that in my formula it works. But if I use now or a now converted to text string formula it will not process it accurately. I've attached a sheet with an example.

Insert date in cell

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I want some formula to insert current date.
I have five columns in excel:
Name Date Status StartTime EndTime
If user insert name in cell of name column then current date should be automatically inserted in cell of date column same as with start time.
I do not want to use =TODAY() as this would change the date, daily,

How to automatically insert the current date

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This may seem like a very basic question, but the twist is that I need to automatically insert the current date in a certain cell whenever a new record is started. For example, my records are standard row by row entries. In this example in column A I would like the current date to appear, but only once column B has an entry (anything but blank). Can this be done automatically, and so that column A (the "target cell") can also be locked?

How to automatically insert current date when another cell is modified (protected)

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How do you make a cell automatically insert current date when another cell is modified in a protected sheet? Ex I have current hours in column E and when anything is the column in modified I want the adjacent cell in column D to show the current date (column D is a protected column).

Insert date, but keep static on archived

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How do I get the date to remain static when a sheet is saved and not change to the current date when it is re opened. It is a daily log and each shift it will be opened to update. I would like the date to autopopulate the current date but when it is saved it needs to remain that date. Each shift will be saving the file under a new name. When they reopen the master it needs to put the next current date in.
The users won't know to do the ctrl keys to make the date static. I need to make it as automated as I can.

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Spy.cgi is a simple Perl script that allows you to print out the current date on your page and sends you an email to inform you that you have a visitor. Spy.cgi is written in French.

Drop Down Tab Menu

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Drop Down Tabs is a horizontal CSS tabs menu that supports a second level drop down menu for each of its tabs. The entire interface is rendered in plain HTML, making the script very easy to customize, plus all of its contents are search engine friendly. You can optionally set which tab should be selected by default when the page loads (ie: 1st tab, 2nd tab etc), or have the script automatically select a tab when the page loads based on a match between the current page's URL and one of the menu tabs'. If there is a match, that tab is selected.
Drop Down Tabs comes with 5 sleek examples to let you quickly pick your favourite to use on your site. Customize each example's CSS to modify the look as desired. We got you covered alright!

Date icon component

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This is a simple component that can be added to an application showing the current date (or a selected date).
It is easily skinnable using flex css styles.

Date & Time Component

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This component displays current Date and Time. The background image, color and fonts are configurable in XML and CSS. Supports two modes.
- Displays current date and time.
- Supports two modes.
- Display time in 24 Hours or 12 Hours format.
- Configurable background image, color and fonts used.

Tab menu view

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Put the content of your tabs within some divs, call a javascript function. Result? A nice looking tab view.

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