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insert character into string in entire column

insert character into string in entire column

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I have a column of numbers that I need to edit. I need to insert a "-" after every 3rd character. Not all of the cells have the same # of characters.

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Insert a character into a string

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a sheet with one of the columns containing a 12 character set of letters and numbers, eg XAV907001024. What I want to do is to insert - between the 6th and 7th numbers.

Insert Dashes in text string

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have the following text string of numeric characters:
Is there a way, with custom formatting, to insert dashes after every 4th character,
I tried @@-@@-@@ and ##-##-## and other things, but no luck

FIND 2nd character in a string

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

how do I use the FIND function to get the 2nd character?
A1 has 005/0101/78445945/2002
the entire column has strings like the above.
I want only those characters after the 2nd "/" and before the 3rd "/" what formula to use?
in the above result, the answer should be - 78445945

Need 9th Charachter from LEFT in text string

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am looking for help with a formula. What I want is a formula that will give me the 10th character in a text string. For example if I have the following text string:
The formula should return 1 as that is the 10th character in the string (also including decimals)
I used the formula = LEFT(A1,10) but that returned the entire text string up to the 10th character = A.00578.1
I just need something that will return the 10th character from the left.

Convert 4 Char String to 4 Integer Columns

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have an old Excel sheet that has a column with a 4 character string value for each row. The 4 character string is always a combination of Ys and Ns (YY, NN, NYNY, etc.) and is always 4 characters. What I want to do is take this one column and make it 4 columns, 1 column for each character. I also want convert the Ns to a 0s and the Ys to 1s.
I have been playing around with the SUBSTITUTE function and, using it twice, have managed to convert the Ys and Ns to 0s and 1s. It's not the cleanest solution but it should work. Any ideas on how to now split the 4 characters into separate columns? Is there a better way to convert the Ys and Ns?

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Loads the menu content from an xml file and creates the look "roll over", it randomly generates a string and shuffle each character until desired character is reached.

Arabic Character

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Arabic character with animated hands.

PHP Advanced String Classes

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This is the complete multi-byte and binary safe PHP string processing solution that enables you to: validate input data types (alpha, numeric, date, IP, email, URL , hex), change case, apply string effects (shorten, shuffle, scramble, reverse, make URL SEO friendly), generate passwords, generate GUIDs, process and extract characters, words and sentences, compute statistics (word count, unique word count, char count), numbers extraction, substring searching and replacing, padding, trimming, splitting, word wrapping, html processing, encrypting, encoding, censoring, spell checking, spell auto correcting etc.
All the methods and classes have full support for any language character set or alphabet through a customizable configuration class.
Main Features
- full multi-byte and binary safe support;
- multilanguage support: UTF -8 customizable alphabet set (letters and digits);
- string loading from urls or local files;
- data type validations: alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, date, integer, float, IP address, email addresss, URL , HTML hex color, casing;
- string casing: uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, random case, capital case;
- string effects: shorten, emphasize, character shuffling, word scrambling, reversing, URL SEO friendly;
- string altering and modification: inserting, appending, replacing, padding, trimming, splitting, wrapping;
- string generators: password, GUIDs, repeater, number spelling;
- string checking: methods like endsWith, startsWith, compare, inRange, contains;
- string data extracting: characters, unique characters, words, unique words, numbers, searching;
- statistics: string length, character counting, unique character counting, word counting, unique word counting;
- HTML string processing: converting to HTML compatible, tag enclosing;
- string encoding: base64, rot13, Uu, HTML ;
- string encrypting: md5, sha1, crc32;
- string computations: soundex, soundex similarity percent, metaphone, metaphone similarity percent, intersection, levenshtein, levensthein similarity percent, sounds like similarity;
- dictionary based string censoring;
- dictionary based or custom service based spell checking: misspelled words emphasizing and auto correcting;

Limit and Count characters in textarea while typing

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A very simple and powerfull Count down field character in javascript !!!!
Useful for contact form or any type of forms.

Javascript Unibook Character Browser

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Useful for finding out the capability of some HTML-browser to display certain characters defined in the unicode character database. Additionally it can help to find a certain dec/hex value for a specific character by browsing through the unicode sets.

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